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Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Ex-McKinsey Team

Partnering with a leading business presentation design agency

When it comes to business proposals, having a professional and engaging presentation is crucial. Are you looking for a leading business presentation design agency that can turn your ordinary slides into captivating slide decks? You can search for global design professionals and finalize before working with a leading  business presentation design agency. There are many top-notch business presentation design agencies globally offering professional presentation services.

A business presentation design agency is a specialized service provider that helps companies and professionals improve the visual appeal of their presentations. The range of services offered by a business presentation design agency includes organizing and optimizing existing content to creating entirely new presentations from scratch. The services of a business presentation design agency can help businesses deliver more effective and engaging presentations to their audiences.

Presenters use Google Slides, PowerPoint and other software applications

Presenters can use PowerPoint or Google Slides to create slides. Accordingly, before building the slides, they can use a PowerPoint template or Google Slides template. With a well-designed slide template, presenters can effectively convey their message while maintaining a consistent and visually appealing format.

From business proposals to academic lectures, a slide presentation template provides a professional and organized visual aid for any type of presentation. PowerPoint presentation offers varied features for customization and by using these features, one can design a customized template with suitable design layouts aligned to specific branding guidelines.

Invest in template design

In business settings, before the meeting, a presenter prepares a PPT presentation and then present the ideas to the audience during the meeting. A template presentation offers a pre-designed PowerPoint file that includes formatting, layouts, and designs for ease of use and consistency.

Be it a pitch deck for an investor meeting or a slide deck for a sales meeting, templates help in building set of design layouts that can be used for future presentations adhering to consistency and branding. Utilizing customizable PPT slide templates can save time and effort in creating a professional and visually appealing presentation.

Building PowerPoint presentation slides or PPT slides using a branded PowerPoint presentation template gives a consistent design output. A sample PowerPoint presentation serves as a practical example of how to effectively utilize the features of PowerPoint and create a compelling presentation. By studying PowerPoint examples, one can gain inspiration and learn how to effectively deliver information through visual aids.

Design agencies offer multitude of services

Presentation design agencies offer varied services including template creation, visual enhancement, pitch deck design, graphic design, branding collaterals design, infographic design, Google Slides enhancement and much more as per the client needs. They work on improving the design aspect to best represent the content ideas in each slide, across the deck.

A PPT presentation sample showcases the use of relevant images, concise text, and visually appealing designs to effectively communicate the key points. By studying example of PowerPoint presentation, one can understand how to effectively use the tools and features to enhance the overall PowerPoint design.

Our team of experts can create a best PowerPoint template for you aligned to your branding that aids in improving the overall PPT design for consistent and professional layouts.

Unlocking the secret to crafting outstanding presentations

Design PowerPoint presentation requires careful consideration of various elements such as design, layout, and templates. A cool PowerPoint template can elevate the overall look and feel of a presentation, making it visually appealing and memorable.

Choosing the best PowerPoint layouts help in organizing information and maintaining a clear and logical flow throughout the presentation. A professional PowerPoint template can impress clients and colleagues, showcasing a level of expertise and attention to detail. Utilizing professional PowerPoint slide templates can enhance the overall professionalism and credibility of a presentation.

1. Customer engagement 

Let us facilitate a friendly introduction and guide the conversation to establish seamless communication. We take on the arduous tasks so that you can reap the rewards.

2. Aligning with customer goals

Our team is dedicated to communicating your story with utmost clarity, ensuring your final product exceeds expectations. Our team is dedicated to communicating your story with utmost clarity, ensuring your final product exceeds expectations.

3. Offering tailor-made solutions

The right synergy can make all the difference. We provide customized solutions that are tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. We ensure to deliver your design project successfully, exceeding your expectations.

Our Process is Simple
Step 1

Clients send the job to the Visual Sculptors Team through various channels. 


We review, clarify any questions, understand your design requirement, and quote the budget.


Assign to our team, and deliver design samples to you in 24-48 hours.

Step 4

Collaborate, carry out feedback, provide 2 iterations and finalize.

We ensure quality assurance at every stage of Project Handling

Our Pricing plan starts at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan.

Visual Sculptors - Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Quality Process

Visual Sculptors – Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Quality Process

We create Business and consulting presentations as visually attractive, containing the ideal integration of textual and visual elements that reinforce the main message. As a leading business presentation design agency, we specialize in designing McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business Presentations, including think-cell charts. We offer affordable pricing options with high-quality standards matching top consultants like McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

Excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services

A professional PowerPoint layout sets the tone for the entire presentation and helps to effectively convey the message to the audience. A professional template for ppt can enhance the overall look and feel of the presentation by providing a consistent design throughout.

With professional PowerPoint design templates, presenters can save time and effort in creating a polished and well-organized presentation. Additionally, exploring various PowerPoint design ideas can help to make the presentation more creative and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations. Our Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India) have extensive experience designing visual materials, including PowerPoint presentations, Canva, Google Slides, and Adobe Acrobat.

Looking for top-notch presentation services that can be customized to your specific requirements? Look no further!

We provide customized solutions for your design projects – Creating informative video presentations, interactive PowerPoint/PPT presentations for boardrooms, and engaging webinars. We pay special attention to ensure reflecting your brand and company values perfectly.

Get ahead of the competition and make a powerful statement with these sleek, professional consulting slides. Perfect for making presentations to prospective clients!

  1. A Top Rated Plus business presentation design agency in Upwork with 4,080 jobs and 28,254 billed hours
  2. One of the Top 10 presentation design agencies in India with 5,000 projects, 50,000 billed hours, and 98% job success
  3. We have worked on 5,000+ projects since our inception, ranging from startups to SMEs to large corporations to government agencies
  4. We have more than 80% returning customer
Online Presentations Design Services

In today’s digital age, online presentations have become a common way for businesses to communicate with their clients and colleagues.

Online presentations can be effectively used in many ways – Product launches, Sales pitches, and training sessions, irrespective of their physical location. Using video conferencing technologies with improved sound quality, one can create impactful online presentations.

The pandemic, along with its accompanying lockdown measures, has presented us with an opportunity to deliver presentations in a virtual setting – a silver lining amidst the challenges we have faced.

From better interaction to increased interactivity, it eases the presentation process and increases connectivity with your audience. It saves time while ensuring wider reach and increased conversions. To design the best online presentations, opt for Visual Sculptors’ PowerPoint outsourcing services. With unrivalled designs and creativity, we can help you deliver brilliant presentations and create a massive impact on your business.


Affordable & Flexible Costs – Lucrative pricing plans to cater for your different needs of business designs.

Starting at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan

The services offered by us are subscription packages. The projects that we work for you will be billed on an hourly basis. The hourly rate differs based on the type of service and the complexity of your requirements.

We will be invoicing you for our services based on an hourly rate, which may vary depending on the nature of the work and the complexity of your requirements.

We can quote the estimated hours for completing a project upfront if requested by the client. The hours quoted are subject to adjustment until we have accepted the customer’s offer. The quoted hours and delivery time do not include any extra services added by the customer. We will contact the customer and inform them of any adjustments to price and/or delivery time. When agreeing to the quoted hours, the customer enters into an agreement with us.

Iterations and Delivery

Visual Sculptors Design Services Pvt. Ltd. deliver the services meeting the deadline as agreed with the customer. Upon delivery of the services, the customer is entitled to avail of two free iterations like design improvements, and updating the contents. More than two iterations will be billed at an agreed hourly rate. We provide a 100% guarantee of quality. We will generally work on 20% of the work as a sample and deliver it to you for your approval.

If you like the sample, we will go ahead and complete the project and bill for the complete project. If you don’t like the sample, we can provide a different sample again; if it is still not satisfactory, we will not charge for the work. If there are any errors in our delivery, like the misinterpretation of instruction or omission, we will amend the same without additional charges. 


Fast Turn around Times – Outstanding PowerPoint presentations delivered in 24-48 hours, on time, every time, with timely reporting.


100% assured Confidentiality – We adhere to client confidentiality requirements. Happy to sign NDA as required!

Best Presentation Design Agency is the one that understands your needs

Going after the biggest or most well-known agency?

Give a try for a leading business presentation design agency that understands your needs and can deliver what you are looking for, at an affordable cost.

Visual Sculptors - Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Customer Reviews

Visual Sculptors – Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Customer Reviews

Ready to get started?

Exploring PPT design ideas or PPT ideas for visual content flow can inspire you to take your presentations to the next level in designs. Design agencies specialize in delivering professional and impactful presentation design that caters to the client needs.

Expert designers team incorporate the best design principles to come up with a functional business PowerPoint template that can be used to bring uniformity across slide decks that are created at different intervals of time. Companies invest money in building business PPT templates aligned to their branding guidelines.

Transform your dull presentation into a captivating and professional-looking presentation design with ease!

Finding a suitable leading business presentation design agency from the vast array of options can be daunting. However, our team of skilled designers has had the privilege of collaborating with major global corporations, crafting exceptional presentations that are sure to make a lasting impact.

So, why wait? Let’s take your presentation game to the next level today!

Contact Us today and speak to one of our experts.

Not Quite Ready?

Check out our blog for more resources.

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Visual Sculptors Blogs

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Visual Sculptors Blogs

Visual Sculptors

Visual Sculptors is a global provider of PowerPoint Presentation Design Services led by Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers who have 10+ years of experience at McKinsey (design support). Our core strength lies in the slide design that enhances customer experience. A Top Rated Plus PPT Presentation Design agency in Upwork with 4,080 jobs and 28,254 billed hours. We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations in PowerPoint/PPT. Our services include Business presentations, Consulting Slides specializing in McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business Presentations, including think-cell charts.

Turn boring presentations into awesome slides using aesthetic designs

It’s time to bid farewell to boring presentations that literally put people to sleep at some point in time. They’ve managed to conjure sleep at times that needed your undivided attention. They’ve been around for a while, and now, it’s just time to say goodbye to those boring presentations. Let’s vow to leave them in the past and bring presentations to life with creativity, designs, ideas, and brilliance.

With creative, innovative, informative, and aesthetic presentations, Visual Sculptors can help you ace every presentation with perfection. The next time you’re on your way to design a presentation that will do you no good, take a quick detour and drive yourself to Visual Sculptors. We’ve managed to list down some of the most exceptional features that set our presentations apart from the rest. With a plethora of presentation services, we’re certain you would love what’s in store!

8 awesome creative design services offered
1. Business and Consulting Presentations

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Business Presentation, Think-cell Charts, MS Graphs, Standard Professional Formatting

2. Visual Enhancement

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Visual Presentation, Dynamic Presentation, Visual Enhancement, Animation, Transition, Eye-catching Illustration, Audio-Visual Presentation

3. Investor Pitch Deck

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Pitch Deck, Investor Deck, Pitch Book, Angel Investors, Fund Raising Presentation, Funding Deck, Startup Fund Raise

4. PowerPoint Template Design

Skills: Custom Template, Branding Template, MS PowerPoint Template, Google Slides Template, Template Customization, Business Template, Consulting Template

5. Different Types of Presentations

(Example: Company Presentation, Healthcare Presentation, Real Estate Presentation, Animated Presentation, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Minimalist with icons, Vector illustration)

Skills: Company Presentation, Healthcare Presentation, Real Estate Presentation, Animated Presentation, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Education Presentation, Financial Presentation, Minimalistic Presentation, Technology Presentation

6. Word Document

Skills: MS Word, MS Word Template, MS Word Formatting, MS Word Report, Word Document Formatting, Word Doc Customization, Branding Word Doc, MS Word Design

7. Flyers, Brochures, Poster, Fillable Forms

(Flyer – Business, Flyer – Marketing, Brochure – Single-Fold / Bi-Fold / Tri-Fold, Poster A0, Adobe Fillable Form)

Skills: Business flyer, Marketing flyer, Single-Fold Brochure, Bi-Fold Brochure, Tri-Fold Brochure, A0 Poster, Adobe Fillable Form

8. Other Graphic Design Deliverables

(Single Page Infographic, Social Media Post, Business Card, Letter Head, Case Study, One-Pager Fact Sheet, Capability Statement)

Skills: Brand Collateral, Graphic Design Deliverables, Business Cards, Letters Head, Social Media Post, Brand Stationery, Infographic Visualization, Print Design, Post Card, Business Catalogue

Visit Our Portfolio Here

Visual Sculptors - Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Design Portfolio

Visual Sculptors – Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Design Portfolio


Fast Turn around Times – Outstanding PowerPoint presentations delivered in 24-48 hours, on time, every time with timely reporting.

Avoid the hassle of scouring the web for generic PowerPoint templates or hiring mediocre freelance designers who fail to bring your crucial slides to life. Our team of seasoned Ex-McKinsey graphic designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India) possess years of experience and are dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind presentations tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to elevate your content and captivate your audience with our premium presentation design services with a rapid turnaround time. 

Investing in professional presentation design services – Visual Sculptors

A consultant might prefer a simple, polished look for the presentation. A marketing head presenting a strategy to clients might want a design repackaging for a presentation with icons, imagery, and animation. Requirements vary a lot.

Every day our team processes hundreds of slides. We have discovered that corporate executives and management consultants need their slides cleaned up and formatted urgently. A professional crisp look aligned with their company brand is what they are looking for. A finished presentation delivered overnight is what every professional loves about Visual Sculptors!

Identifying the right design approach for the right audience

It is essential to know the answers to the 5Ws, namely Who, What, When, Where, and Why, before a business presentation designer starts with How to design a slide deck. Every presentation deck is unique and needs that polished look. The audience, the content, and the latest design trends are but a few of the deciding factors.

The right level of design for the right slide brings in the much-needed WOW factor. In other words, the key is to understand the requirements of the scenario and to come up with a high-level design PowerPoint Presentation that best conveys the message as an inspiring visual story.

As presentation designers, defining the levels of presentation design helps us understand our customer’s requirements and design preferences. Based on the requirements, a suitable design approach is followed in creating a high-level design PowerPoint Presentation with better aesthetics.

Let’s Begin the design process

For anyone planning on repackaging a PowerPoint presentation, the first step is to decide what design level best fits the requirements. Ensuring that all specific needs for each slide are addressed, as well as attending to personal or customer preferences, is key when it comes to creating effective presentations.

An important aspect to focus on is taking a creative approach in the design phase in order to make sure that PowerPoint stands out from your competition.

3 creative design levels for crafting professional business presentations
Level 1 design

High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 1

In High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 1, our expert designers focus on adhering to the style guide, re-do basic design elements, and placing existing icons. Each slide will go through Basic Formatting Quality Check.

  1. Encompasses all basic formatting and design repackaging.
  2. Formatting slides adhering to the style guide or company template.
  3. Icons, imagery, and single-step transitions are included at a basic level
  4. Understanding the main content and sticking to formatting basics.
4 awesome creative decks for Level 1 designs
1. Design repackaging
  1. Slides – Clean-up and consistent look
  2. Redo the design layout on a few slides
  3. Imagery and/or icons for specific slides
  4. Sticking to the rules of a company template or style guide.
2. Basic Formatting

Every presentation receives our most popular service. We call it ‘Basic Formatting’. It is a standard of formatting that every professional management consultant needs. It is the cleanup applied as the foundation for every presentation.

You have the design and format set. You even have a few sample slides. You only need the rest of the deck to be formatted consistent with the template. You have a photo of a whiteboard or a page of a book or you have written your slides by hand on paper, and you now need to convert them to PPT slides.

  1. Alignment check
  2. Consistency check
  3. Spacing check
  4. Adherence to the company template
  5. Reducing file size if needed
3. Scenarios Decks

Consultants do research and discuss their clients’ problems and market trends. They come up with solutions and present them as scenarios decks. It covers scenarios of each industry /problem area, its current state, and proposed solutions. The slide decks are improved with images, icons, and simple animation.

4. Routine Deliverables

Routine deliverables contain day-to-day tasks or activities. They could also comprise products for your customers or reports for your employees. So, these are decks that are regularly updated as and when project status changes.

Such instances call for a change in layout or repackaging of these slides. They will need to fit in with the rest of the deck while still making way for the design repackage.

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Visual Sculptors Level 1 Design

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Visual Sculptors Level 1 Design

Level 2 design

High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency - Visual Sculptors Level 2 Design

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Visual Sculptors Level 2 Design

Let the Visual Sculptors Team transform your presentation. In High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, our experts bring an overall design makeover to your deck. We know how to design within your brand to create an impactful visual identity.

We make design magic happen in the context of your style guide by re-doing design elements, build transitions, and edit icons and graphics. You can opt for this High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, which transforms your content as visually enhanced, and as consistent branding that keeps high of your brand image and company values, being reflected in the visual designs.

3 awesome creative decks for Level 2 designs
1. Executive summary decks

The executive summary deck of a business proposal highlights every aspect of a project. It creates the best impression in the customer’s minds. So, it must be very clear and compelling. These decks require an overall design makeover to turn into stunning slides.

2. Visual Makeover
  1. Want to add additional design ideas to your existing slides
  2. You want your slides to have the look and feel of an infographic.
  3. You have a deck that tells a story using multiple steps of animations and/or transitions.
3. Field Decks

Most business organizations and marketing consultants use field decks to guide their clients when launching any new campaigns or products. Such decks contain information about products and related business data.

If the field decks will be used as a client-facing deck in the future, it is preferred to go for High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, giving a visual makeover to improve visibility and reach. The design treatment you choose to give to a deck depends on the content and audience.

Level 3 design

High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 3

Business Presentation Design Agency - Visual Sculptors Level 3 Design

Leading Business Presentation Design Agency – Visual Sculptors Level 3 Design

3 awesome creative decks for Level 3 designs
1. Aesthetic design improvement

We love to take up your creative assignment. We will discuss your content and creative ideas to come up with aesthetic designs that speak for themselves. We research, brainstorm, ideate, and storyboard.

This process of High-Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 3 allows us to co-create through an iterative process with our customers all through the creative design process.

2. Creative design requirements
  1. Your idea or story needs to be visualized and to be presented to the team members or to your clients. 
  2. Your concept needs to be transitioned into visual storytelling. 
  3. You have some facts that need to be translated into an infographic.
  4. You do not have a Corporate PowerPoint template, and you need a well-formed brand guide for your company to use for all business presentations.
3. Visualization
  1. Eye-catching images that blend and convey the message
  2. Images that stick to the brain – Lasting impression
  3. Animation – Narrating a visual storyline
  4. Presenting the information and stories visually

Some of the best graphic design software programs include Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, Canva, Affinity Designer and much more. Our creative team of Ex-McKinsey designers use these software programs to the best advantage for stunning designs. 

Deciding on the best course of action for your design projects

Level 1 decks may not always be a fit for presenting to your boss or customers for the final nod. For such instances, we suggest you choose Level 2 or 3 presentation design.

Preference for styles and designs may vary from customer to customer. We leave it to our customers to choose the levels of presentation design needed after giving them the options.

We customize your slide decks to create high-level design PowerPoint presentations with improved aesthetics and professional appeal.

11 awesome creative design services for your business presentations:
  1. PowerPoint presentations
  2. Pitch deck presentations
  3. Sales presentations
  4. Marketing presentations
  5. Product launch presentations
  6. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) presentations
  7. Educational presentations
  8. Training presentations
  9. Data Visualization presentations
  10. Business and consulting presentations
  11. Customized-branding presentations
  12.  and much more…
What is your take on finalizing a design partner for  your next presentation design project?

We encourage you to thoroughly analyze the varied parameters, including affordability in pricing and flexibility to handle quick deadlines with prompt responses for the design partner in consideration, before finalizing your decision on collaborating with a leading business presentation design agency. 

Determining the cost of a PowerPoint presentation

Arriving at the cost of a PowerPoint presentation depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the number of slides, and the level of customization required. A PowerPoint presentation reflects your work and builds your company image in a high tone. It is worth investing in a presentation design agency that offers exceptional design support. It is imperative to do your research and understand the potential costs involved.

Collaborating with a leading business presentation design agency will transform your slides into professional and persuasive tools, attracting investors. Moreover, these services guarantee that each subject matter is articulated clearly and comprehensively, further enhancing the impact of your message.

7 Amazing Tips to Arrive at the Pricing for PowerPoint Presentation Designs
  1. Number of slides
  2. Timeline for completion
  3. The complexity of the project
  4. Animation requirements
  5. Desired style and branding
  6. Complexity and depth
  7. Content and design elements involved

Considering these factors, you can better prepare for the potential costs of creating a high-quality PowerPoint presentation.

How Much Does Professional PowerPoint Design Cost?

If you’re looking for a professional PowerPoint presentation design, be prepared to pay a premium price. Agencies like Buffalo 7 and Bright Carbon offer more than just design services – they also provide content development with the help of communication specialists. Generally, for a 10-slide presentation requiring the services of a professional PowerPoint designer, the cost can range from $5,000 or more, reflecting the high caliber of expertise and quality of workmanship involved.

The prices vary with different agencies, but the factors remain the same. If you are still deciding before finalizing, we urge you to search for Top Business Presentation Design Agencies, discuss your presentation design project and choose the one that gets well-aligned with your business goals.

Visual Sculptors offer competitive pricing – Starting at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan.

Our Values, Service Offerings and Skills
Core Values
  1. Impeccable quality and stunning visual appeal characterize our presentations.
  2. Meeting deadlines promptly and professional communication
  3. Affordable and flexible costs
  4. Ensuring compliance with confidentiality agreements
  5. Developing a captivating and indelible positive customer experience
  6. Adopting a client-centric strategy and persistently striving to surpass client expectations
  1. Crafting polished presentations from start to finish while guaranteeing impeccable results through meticulous content review.
  2. Graphical data visualization using MS-Graph and Think-cell software
  3. Creating PowerPoint templates and slides that fulfil client requirements with precision and excellence.
  4. Thoroughly discern and rectify any incongruities present in the PowerPoint presentation slides.
  5. Improving the visual appeal of the current presentation through professional aesthetic pleasing designs

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Visual Sculptors – Ex-McKinsey designers at your service

In this blog, we have curated the intricate design process integral to the creation of a professional business presentation. We have meticulously curated the three fundamental design levels and also highlighted how our Ex-McKinsey designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India) adeptly handles your Presentation Design Project. Moreover, we have expounded upon the manifold benefits that accrue from enlisting the services of a professional presentation design agency for your upcoming presentation design project.

Collaborating with a professional presentation design agency endows you with access to innovative and expert design services. Our Ex-McKinsey presentation designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India) can elevate your project to unprecedented heights.

Wrapping It Up

Developing a thorough and impactful presentation has the potential to amplify your likelihood of achieving success. Integrating expertly designed infographics and engaging content can significantly elevate the impact of your pitch decks and investor presentations. 

To ascertain the selection of an appropriate business presentation design agency for your requirements, it is imperative to bear in mind these crucial points. Initially, pose pertinent questions that are pertinent to your individualized circumstances.

Subsequently, evaluate the agency’s portfolio to determine if their artistic approach coincides with your vision. Thirdly, peruse online feedback to discern their standing in the industry. Lastly, rely on your instincts – if your interactions with the agency have been favorable, they will probably be a compatible match.

Do you have to share with us on types of decks? We would love to hear from you – be it Level 1 or Level 2, or Level 3 type design projects. 

Our expertise in crafting, conceptualizing, and executing top-tier presentations ensures that all of your presentation requirements are met with excellence.

We cordially invite you to avail yourself of our services and allow us to assist you in crafting presentations that will leave a lasting impression.

Maximizing Your Impact: Partnering with an Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers Team

Partnering with an Ex-McKinsey Presentation designers team can help you maximize your impact and create a lasting impression with your audience. Our expert designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India), creates powerful sales tools that make the right first impression. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also ensure that your presentation is designed to perfection, matching McKinsey standards.

Contact Visual Sculptors today by clicking the link to get started.

  1. Why hire a presentation designer?

Hiring a presentation designer can greatly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your presentations. They have expertise in design principles, visual communication, and storytelling, which can help you create a more engaging and memorable presentation. Additionally, they can save you time and stress by handling the design aspect of your presentation, allowing you to focus on the content and delivery.

2. What is the difference between a graphic designer and a presentation designer?

While both graphic designers and presentation designers work with visual elements, their focuses are different. Graphic designers create designs for a variety of mediums, such as print, web, and branding. Presentation designers, on the other hand, specialize in creating visual aids for presentations, such as slideshows and infographics. They often work closely with speakers to ensure that the visual elements enhance the message being conveyed.

3. How do you make a professional presentation design?

Some tips for creating a beautiful presentation design include:

  1. High-quality images
  2. Choosing a consistent color scheme
  3. Using easy-to-read fonts
  4. Incorporating white space
  5. Adding visual interest with icons and graphics
  6. Professional design layouts
  7. Follow 6 X 6 rule
  8. Keep simple colors
  9. Use Sans-Serif fonts
  10. Stick to a font size of 30pt or larger
  11. Avoid over-styling the text

It’s also important to keep the design simple and avoid clutter.

4. What are the five rules of PowerPoint?

The five rules of PowerPoint presentations are:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Use high-quality images
  3. Limit text
  4. Use consistent design
  5. Practice your delivery

By following these rules, you can create effective and engaging presentations that will capture your audience’s attention.

5. What are 7 basic steps to deliver successful presentation?

The 7 basic steps to deliver a successful presentation are:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Define your objective
  3. Structure your content
  4. Use visuals effectively
  5. Practice your delivery
  6. Engage your audience
  7. Follow up after the presentation


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