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Utilize PowerPoint Style Guide to Build Your Brand Image

Building a branded PowerPoint Slide Guide facilitates consistent branding

Clear and professional presentation of your company’s brand gives you that marketing edge over your competitors. A PowerPoint style guide helps to keep consistency and save your brand image. Many feel that using a PowerPoint style guide is extremely cumbersome. Some unaware of style guide & how it’s utilized to build brand image. Essential to use PowerPoint style guide for consistent outlook on company brand image when designing branded presentations.

What is PowerPoint style guide?

A PowerPoint style guide dictates visual design rules for company presentations in PPT. It ensures consistency and professionalism in all slides, maintaining a polished image.

How do you create a brand style guide?

Crafting a comprehensive brand style guide involves 6 strategic steps:

  1. The initial stage involves establishing a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Next, it is crucial to devise logo guidelines that can distinguish your brand with a unique and memorable signature.
  3. Incorporating a consistent color palette across all brand assets is a key element of visual identity.
  4. To ensure an effective communication strategy, clarifying the typography hierarchy is imperative.
  5. Additionally, defining your brand voice is vital to establish a distinct personality that aligns with your overall brand messaging.
  6. Aesthetic elements such as PowerPoint image and iconography should also be specified to create a cohesive visual style that reinforces your brand identity.
What is a style guide?
  1. A style guide is a classification of rules or guides that needs to be followed consistently.
  2. The goal of using a PowerPoint style guide is to provide consistent visual design across all materials created by a company.
  3. The elaborate style guide of a company helps to create a consistent look and feel applied across all applications and platforms.
Why style guide avoided?
  1. Feel it is a cumbersome process.
  2. Feel content is king, ignoring the significance of consistent styles.
  3. Feel that formatting as per style guide – Extra job involving a lot of time.
  4. Lack of understanding about the importance of a style guide.
  5. Lack of understanding of best practices / right usage of a style guide.
Pitfalls of not using a style guide
  1. Inconsistent – Myriad colors, fonts of all sizes and shapes, icons all over the PowerPoint presentation slides.
  2. Marketing failure – Online or Offline content not meeting brand identity.
  3. Unmatched designs – Designs that do not meet the style guide of branding.
  4. Multiple layouts & PowerPoint design elements – Creates many diversions and confusions.
  5. Designer producing the best creative designs – Customers still feel not connected to the brand.
  6. Lack of professionalism and authenticity – Not following a consistent style approach.
  7. Losing a visual connection to brand identity – Consumers’ attention gets diverted.

If your company already has a style guide, it should be referred to and followed by everyone. If you hire a design agency, they should follow the style guide consistently. If you do not have a style guide, the design agency should build it from the scratch.

Elements of a PowerPoint style guide
  1. Logo
  2. Color palette
  3. Bullets
  4. Arrows and Shapes
  5. Charts
  6. Graphs
  7. Tables
  8. Icons
  9. Fonts – Typeface size and use of font colors
  10. Rules for logo and use of colors
  11. PowerPoint Presentation Template layout examples or options
Importance of using a style guide

Branding is building an identity for your company. Be it a sales pitch or a company profile, a PowerPoint presentation is a key visual entry point. PowerPoint and branding go hand in hand, resonating with the style guide and educating about the brand. Helps audience relate and remember company instantly.

  1. Gives your brand a personality of its own.
  2. Helps retain and enhance brand identity with consumers.
  3. Brand building is crucial – Style guide plays a key role in building the brand image.
  4. Company’s branding strategy, unique value proposition – Reflected inconsistent style.
  5. Maintain a universal code of standards – Online & Offline platforms.
  6. Maintain consistency across documents, sticking to a particular style.
  7. Encourage the best practice to follow the style guide consistently – Building brand identity.

Corporate PowerPoint Templates are crucial for branding. The ideal ones are professionally designed and highly customizable.


Effective design in PowerPoint is crucial for success, especially with professional templates. They enhance the overall look and include neat layouts, aligned to branding. Here are some pointers for creating a template Presentation that reflects your brand.

4 key design aspects for building a style guide

1. Logo

A high-definition image of your company’s logo on every slide of the presentation deck creates a strong branding impression. It should be strategically placed and visible on big screens. Place your logo in your PowerPoint template. Keeping the logo on all slides creates a visual impression in the audience’s mind.

2. Color

Build brand identity with consistent brand colors in presentations online and offline. Match color theme with company logo for best choice.

3. Font

Choose a font family for your brand and PowerPoint template. Consider a second option too. Font visibility is key during the presentation. Adjust size based on audience.

4. Consistency

PowerPoint Style Guide - Building Brand Image

PowerPoint Style Guide – Building Brand Image

Keeping the right balance of logo, color, and font with branding helps create a consistent PowerPoint presentation. Stick to brand guidelines while creating the business PowerPoint presentation. The audience in a board meeting would be bored viewing a deck overloaded with graphics and animations. There should be a balance of content and visual enhancement. The style guide helps achieve this. Selecting the right theme for a PowerPoint presentation is crucial in creating a professional and visually appealing presentation.

If a brand guide is in place, creating a PowerPoint style guide becomes easier. Logo, tone of the company, and various template style guides are created focusing on applications. Every organization needs a style guide. Everything a company represents is reflected through the style guide handbook.

Do you have a PowerPoint style guide for your company or organization?

Creating, designing, and delivering the best presentations, we have got your presentation needs covered. Reach out to us and we would love to help you create presentations that blend well with your brand guide and style guide!

  1. What is PowerPoint style guide?

A PowerPoint style guide is a set of guidelines and standards for creating consistent and visually appealing presentations. It includes instructions on font choices, color schemes, image usage, and overall design elements to ensure that all presentations have a cohesive look and feel.

2. How do I create a visual style guide for my brand?

To create a visual style guide for your brand, start by defining your brand’s personality and values. Then, choose a color palette, typography, and imagery that align with your brand’s identity. Finally, document all of these elements in a comprehensive guide that can be used by anyone creating content for your brand.

3. How do I create a branded PowerPoint presentation?

To create a branded PowerPoint presentation, start by selecting a color scheme and font that aligns with your brand. Use your brand’s logo and imagery throughout the presentation, and create a consistent layout for each slide. Incorporate your brand’s messaging and tone into the content, and make sure to proofread and edit for consistency. Finally, save your presentation as a PowerPoint Presentation template for future use.

4. What are brand guidelines with respect to PowerPoint?

Brand guidelines with respect to PowerPoint refer to the specific rules and guidelines that a company has established for creating presentations that align with their brand identity. This can include guidelines for font choices, color schemes, image usage, and overall design aesthetic. Following these guidelines ensures that all presentations created by employees or partners of the company maintain a consistent and professional look that reinforces the brand’s image.

5. Why are branded PowerPoint templates important?

Branded PowerPoint templates are important because they help to establish a consistent and professional image for your company or organization. By using templates that feature your logo, colors, and other branding elements, you can create presentations that are instantly recognizable as being from your company. This can help to build trust and credibility with your audience, and can also make it easier to create presentations quickly and efficiently.

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