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Business and Consulting Presentations – Ex-McKinsey

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Business and Consulting Presentations – Ex-McKinsey

Business and consulting presentations are essential to any business or consulting venture. Make sure your next business presentation stands out from the crowd with design services from our former McKinsey consultants. Make a lasting impression on your clients and hone your skills!

They present information, research, and findings to internal stakeholders such as partners, investors, and external clients. Presentations should be well-structured, attractive in visuals, knowledgeable and tailored to the audience. They should include graphs, tables, diagrams and other visuals which help clarify the information being presented. The presenter should be confident in their material to answer questions effectively. In conclusion, successful business and consulting presentations should be engaging, informative and memorable for the audience.


Business and Consulting Presentation - Visual Sculptors

As a professional presentation agency, we specialize in crafting visually appealing McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business and consulting presentations. We especially integrate textual and visual elements to reinforce the main idea. We strive to create presentations that are both aesthetically pleasing and that effectively communicate the desired message. We handle all types of think-cell charts, reflecting the data precisely with suitable chart types.

We offer exceptional Management Consulting Presentation Services for customers worldwide, delivering uncompromising presentations. Our team of Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers has comprehensive expertise in creating visual components, such as PowerPoint presentations, Canva, Google Slides, and Adobe Acrobat.

We offer the best presentation services tailored to your individual needs. We provide superior presentation services, ranging from informative video content to interactive PowerPoints/PPTs for boardroom sessions, and engaging webinars. Let us help you create a branded business presentation that will exceed your expectations.

We specialize in working with MS Graphs as well as think-cell charts; our expertise includes the creation/formatting of complex charts like Isoquant, cost curve etc.


Take your presentations to the next level with our specialized business and consulting presentation design services. Let us boost your reputation today!

Are PowerPoint presentations utilized by senior-level consultants?

Top management consultants typically use PowerPoint to create persuasive and effective presentations for their clients. PowerPoint enables them to quickly and effectively demonstrate their skills and convey relevant insights in a clear and eye-catching way.

The Benefits of Utilizing PowerPoint Presentations

1. Successfully captivate your audience and emphasize salient points
2. Establish a consistent message
3. Structure and present data in a coherent and accessible manner
4. Utilize visual aids such as illustrations, animations, audio and video to bolster your narrative
5. Leverage the potential of your story to its fullest
6. Can be customized to meet each client's specific needs
7. Producing a refined and polished outcome
8. The Presenter can exercise oversight of the progression of the presentation.
9. Use Think-Cell plugin to enhance PowerPoint graphs and visuals
10. Presentations can be securely retained and disseminated to colleagues both in the office and remotely


The Importance of Formatting in Management Consulting Presentations

The judicious use of formatting is essential for creating a winning management consulting presentation. It facilitates a tidy, professional visual presentation, which is critical for making a favorable impression on potential clients. In order to convey information in an impactful way, it is imperative to utilize visually engaging graphics, such as charts and graphs, while maintaining a unified aesthetic and framework.


Finding the best design talent

Presentation specialists typically craft consulting presentations. Some Consultants may opt to collaborate with a Professional Presentation Agency that specializes in delivering Management consulting presentation services.


Advantages of hiring a design agency specializing in Management Consulting Presentation Services

1. Team of highly-skilled presentation design specialists
2. Use of up-to-date tools and latest softwares
3. Design presentations tailored to your brand and objectives
4. Enhance the visual aesthetic of your presentations
5. Provide valuable feedback on the design and content of the presentation


Steps for Creating an Engaging Management Consulting Presentation

1. Develop a plan outlining the hierarchy of the problem
2. Create an outline of the key points for the presentation slides
3. Identify the critical points that need to be communicated
4. Design a PowerPoint template
5. Gather pertinent facts and figures for each slide
6. Utilize compelling data visualizations
7. Conduct revisions to slides or the presentation structure as needed
8. Create an Executive Summary
9. Outline the key points of the presentation and conclude with the main takeaway
10. Confirm the accuracy of the material


Three Key Principles for consulting presentations

1. The Pyramid Principle – The core message of a presentation should be presented in an inverted pyramid structure.

2. The MECE Principle – Ideas are organized in a way that is both mutually exclusive, meaning they are distinct and non-overlapping

3. The KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) – This framework incorporates the use of bullet points, visuals, charts, and large fonts to ensure maximum comprehension in the shortest possible amount of time.


Key sections of a consulting presentation

1. Executive Summary
2. Table of Content
3. Action Title
4. Chapters
5. Body of slides
6. Conclusion / Recommendation
7. Appendix


Management consultants often make use of a think-cell plugin to create various chart types.

Different types of charts using Thinkcell

1. Stacked column and bar chart
2. Waterfall chart
3. Gantt chart
4. Mekko chart
5. Scatter and bubble chart
6. Pie and doughnut chart
7. Line chart
8. Butterfly chart
9. Clustered chart
10. 100% chart
11. Area chart
12. Area 100% chart


Layout options

1. Smart text boxes
2. Process flow
3. Agenda
4. Power Tools



1. Excel data links
2. Excel data extraction from chart images
3. Excel data rounding

Our designers are well-versed in creating the above charts using the think-cell application, bringing in expertise to use the layout and automation options effectively and as appropriate.


Our team of ex-McKinsey designers is prepared to deliver a high-quality business and consulting presentation that meets the standards of some of the biggest consulting firms, such as McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

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