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Effectively creating a management consulting presentation

Effectively creating a management consulting presentation

Are you searching for best practices for creating a management consulting presentation? In this article, we give the industry’s best practices being widely followed by agencies offering management consulting presentation services. Businesses employ presentations for a range of purposes, including education, information dissemination, motivation, and training. Management consulting presentation services can be highly advantageous for consulting companies, just like any other business sector.

Management consulting presentation services provide organizations with the resources to ensure that their presentations are delivered in the most effective and efficient manner. Before we enter into the best practices to create a management consulting presentation, first let’s try to understand the need for management consulting presentation services

Top Rated Presentation Agency in India - Visual Sculptors

Top Rated Presentation Agency in India – Visual Sculptors

What are Management consulting presentation services?

Management consulting presentation services assist organizations in effectively conveying their message and achieving their objectives through the preparation and delivery of professional, impactful presentations. With a team of experienced professionals, they provide expertise in the areas of presentation design, content development, and delivery. They ensure that the presentation is engaging and informative, while maximizing the impact on the audience.

Ex-McKinsey Designers Team - Visual Sculptors

Ex-McKinsey Designers Team – Visual Sculptors

Do top management consultants use PowerPoint?

As consultants, crafting compelling presentations is an integral part of the job. PowerPoint Presentations are a key deliverable that clients receive and serve as a testament to the consultant’s capabilities.

Advantages of using PowerPoint presentations
  1. Effectively engage the audience and make key points stand out
  2. Easy to set a theme
  3. Organize and present information in a logical and easy-to-follow way
  4. Use visual aids like images, animations, audio, and video
  5. Maximize the power of your story
  6. It can be tailored to suit individual client requirements
  7. Creating a professional and polished finish.
  8. A Presenter can maintain control over the flow of the presentation
  9. Consultants utilize the Think-Cell plug-in to optimize the PowerPoint graphs and visuals.
  10. Presentations can be stored and distributed to co-workers, both on-site and off-site.

PowerPoint Advantages – Consulting Presentation


Advantages of hiring an agency providing Management consulting Presentation Services
  1. Get access to a team of highly-skilled presentation design professionals
  2. Latest design tools and software to create compelling and engaging presentations
  3. Create customized presentations that perfectly align with your brand and goals
  4. Improve the overall look and feel of your presentations
  5. Provide valuable feedback on the design and content of the presentation
Advantages Hiring Presentation Design Agency

Advantages Hiring Presentation Design Agency

How to Create a Management Consulting Presentation

The preparation of presentations is a critical element of the management consulting project, as it is integral to two key areas.

  1. The presentation is the lasting impression of the work produced and will determine the longevity and success of the project.
  2. It serves as the vehicle by which the consultants can effectively communicate the outcomes of their analytical efforts.

In consulting, daily tasks revolve around creating deliverables – presentation slides and spreadsheets – to convey information to customers with clarity and impact. These documents are used in pitching, providing project updates, and communicating the end results in an engaging and compelling manner.

The Significance of Formatting in Management Consulting Presentations

Formatting is an important factor in creating a successful management consulting presentation. It helps create an organized and professional visual impression, which is key in impressing potential clients. To effectively communicate data, it is essential to use eye-catching visuals, such as graphs and charts, while adhering to a consistent theme and structure.

Designing consulting presentations are typically undertaken by presentation specialists. Some consultants work with agencies that specialize in providing management consulting presentation services.

Step-by-step guide for creating an effective management consulting presentation
  1. Outline the hierarchical structure of the problem
  2. Construct an outline for the presentation
  3. Record the points you wish to communicate
  4. Outline the key points of the presentation slides
  5. Create a template in PowerPoint
  6. Obtain pertinent data for each slide
  7. Use effective data visualization
  8. Make any necessary adjustments to individual slides or the structure
  9. Create Executive Summary
  10. Outline the key points of the presentation and conclude with the main takeaway
  11. Verify the accuracy of information

Management Consulting Presentation

Management Consulting Presentation

Here is an overview of these steps:

1. Outline the hierarchical structure of the problem

Analyze the issue tree to identify any potential problems that may be present in the company.

2. Construct an outline for the presentation

Organize the problems from the issue tree into cohesive categories and use this to create the structure of the presentation (sections, chapters, etc.).

3. Record the points you wish to communicate

Use the 80/20 rule – 80% of a presentation’s impact is determined by 20% of the content. Obviously, messages should be aligned with your issue tree and the structure. 

4. Outline the key points of the presentation slides

It is now time to create a visual representation of each message we have set out, utilizing our established structure.

5. Create a template in PowerPoint

In order to ensure a successful start to any consulting project, it is recommended to take the extra step of transforming sketches into PowerPoint slides.

6. Obtain pertinent data for each slide

You should recall our prior statement that for each slide, one message should be validated or negated using the applicable data. Consequently, generate an Excel analysis to aid in the compilation of data and elucidate conclusions for each slide.

7. Use effective data visualization

Think-cell is a powerful presentation software which is widely used in the management consulting industry.  It provides a range of features such as data analysis, charting, timelines and other visuals which can be used to make presentations more impactful. Microsoft offers different chart types for effective data visualization. Just like Think-cell, MS Graph Charts also helps in creating various types of charts based on the data. 

8. Make any necessary adjustments to individual slides or the structure

After filling in all slides, it is important to ensure the presentation makes sense. On review, you may find that the flow is slightly off and require some adjustments; typically, 10-20% of slides need to be relocated. This step also provides an opportunity to modify the content for clarity and efficiency.

9. Create Executive Summary

Consultants to provide a concise Executive Summary comprised of 20-30 slides highlighting the key points and, if applicable, supporting analytics. It is important in the Executive Summary to provide the main results and to generate interest, thus prompting the reader to proceed to the main presentations.

10. Outline the key points of the presentation and conclude with the main takeaway

To provide a succinct introduction and conclusion, reviewing the Executive Summary and identifying the key takeaways is essential. Ensure that the start and finish of the presentation are captivating for the viewers, as they are typically the most noticed parts.

 11. Verify the accuracy of information

As most presentations are produced by multiple people, there may be some discrepancies. To ensure that the presentation is consistent and error-free, it should be reviewed 5-10 times before sending.

Three Key Principles Behind Making Impressive Consulting-Style Presentations

The Pyramid Principle

The Pyramid Principle is an important concept in management consulting presentation, and refers to the idea that the core message of a presentation should be presented in an inverted pyramid structure. This structure entails starting with the most important point at the top, then breaking down the argument into layers of related and supporting points. 

The MECE Principle

The MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) Principle is a critical concept to master when it comes to management consulting presentation. It ensures that ideas, solutions, or elements of a presentation are organized in a way that is both mutually exclusive, meaning they are distinct and non-overlapping, and collectively exhaustive, meaning that all relevant topics or issues are addressed.

The KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple)

The KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) is a maxim that has been applied to many different fields, including management consulting presentations.  Utilizing intuitive design, the audience will be able to quickly and effectively understand the given material. This framework incorporates the use of bullet points, visuals, charts, and large fonts to ensure maximum comprehension in the shortest possible amount of time.

Designing an Investor Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a brief presentation, usually created using PowerPoint or Keynote, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. It’s commonly used in the business world to summarize the company’s key milestones and present it’s vision. Generally an investor pitch deck will include an overview of the team, description of the product or service being offered, business model, financial projections and fundraising needs.

Here is the list of 12 important slides to be included in an Investor Pitch Deck:

Investor Pitch Deck Key Slides

Investor Pitch Deck Key Slides

1. Executive Summary

The executive summary introduces the company to potential investors, highlighting key points such as proof of concept, growth potential, competition analysis and any unique selling points.

2. Problem/Solution

This slide showcases the problem your business solves along with its corresponding solutions that addresses that problem.

3. Company Background

Here, you should include an overview of the company history and how it has evolved over time.

4. Product Overview & Demo

Introduce the product or service with a detailed description explaining what your company does in layman’s terms followed by a demo of your product or service if relevant.

5. Traction Slide

Here you should showcase any user acquisition, revenue generation or impact metric success you have had in the past months or years since launching your business.

6. Market Size & Opportunity

Summarize regional and global industry trends to explain current market size, future opportunities and specific challenges faced by the industry segment you are competing in as well as what makes your offering noteworthy compared to competitors currently in this space

7. Team & Advisors

Include slides for each team member along with their relevant experience and why they make great leaders for this venture moving forward – followed by slides on advisory partnerships that provide support and strength to these individual roles within the company.

8. Go-to-market Strategy

Outline clearly how you plan on taking your offering further into mainstream markets, utilizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital media marketing channels (social media campaigns etc.) or launching new products/services etc., according to longer term plans

9. Competitive Analysis

Map out key competitor names followed by comparing how each differs from yours – highlight areas where there is minimal competition and how that could help boost investor interest in your venture going forward

10. Financial Model

Display financial projections for at least 3 years ahead including projected revenues, profits, expenses and exits (IPO’s) depending on goals

11. Use of Proceeds/Funding Strategy

Clearly explain based on realistic estimates & assumptions forecasts where proceeds from investment will be used i.e. .for hiring staff/buying capital equipment etc.

12. Contact Information & Call-to-Action Slides

List off contact info for both main personnel within the business as well as social media handles so investors can stay up-to-date with developments at all times plus thank them sincerely with a call to action like ‘Contact Us Now’.

Designing Investor Pitch Deck

Designing Investor Pitch Deck

You can visit our portfolio to get an idea of a typical consultant style. 

Visual Sculptors is a leading global provider of Best Presentation Services led by Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers. A Professional Presentation Agency comprising of Business Presentation Specialists with over nine years of experience at McKinsey. We are delighted to have been ranked first in the MS-PowerPoint Test conducted by Microsoft through Upwork.

This speaks to our team’s dedication and commitment to excellence. We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations.


1. What is management consulting PPT?

Management consulting PPT is a presentation tool used by consultants to present their services to potential clients. It involves a consulting firm conducting an in-depth analysis of a company’s current practices, issues, and challenges. This analysis is then presented in a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to the business’s executives and decision makers. 

2. Do consultants give presentations?

Definitely. A key component of being a management consultant is relaying one’s discoveries or advice to customers. Generally, experienced consultants are regularly expected to give presentations to customers, particularly to higher-level executives.

3. How do you make a McKinsey presentation?

Ensure that all textual elements on the slide body are the same font size (a task more difficult than anticipated). Do not enter the margin area of the slide. All titles should be two lines in length or shorter and maintain the same font size. Generally, each slide should only contain one main idea.

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