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Top 35 Presentation Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Keep up-to-date with changing Presentation Design Trends in 2023 

Are you curious to find out what presentation design trends will be popular in 2023? This blog post gives a comprehensive list of the top 35 presentation design trends that will dominate in the world of presentations. From creative designs to professional looks, learn more about the trends that will set the tone for successful business and consulting presentations in 2023!  

Looking ahead to 2023, there are a number of presentation design trends that are gaining momentum. From bold typography to minimalist layouts, here are the top 35 presentation design trends to keep an eye on.

1. Minimalism

For presentation design in 2023, look out for the trend of minimalism! Focus on content rather than clutter with streamlined backgrounds and layouts. Incorporate subtle gradients, line illustrations and simple typography for a modern feel. Keep your visuals impactful but subdued for maximum effect. Consider using minimalist designs that focus on one idea per slide, and keep text to a minimum. Incorporate bright colors, meaningful metrics, photos and icons into your slides to add visual interest. By following these steps and keeping up with the latest trends you can create an impressive presentation.

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Minimalism

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Minimalism

2. Minimalism is gaining popularity as an aesthetic choice

Think warm tones such as beige, brown and white. Neutral colors are currently trending and will remain popular going into the new year. Consider using a neutral shade for the background with beige or brown shades for your headings, while white is perfect for images and overlays.

3. Visually engaging backgrounds

These visuals don’t just have to be simple loops of abstract patterns or scenic footage, they can be custom-designed to give presentations a unique, dynamic feel – both as standalone slides and transitions between sections. This technology promises stunning visual effects that are sure to make any audience sit up and pay attention.

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Visually Engaging Backgrounds

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Visually Engaging Backgrounds

4. Utilizing bold backgrounds

2023 promises to be full of dynamic and eye-catching presentation design trends, such as those featuring bold and impressive backgrounds. These types of designs will be especially useful for companies trying to stand out in the industry with their messages. The addition of abstract shapes and colorful blocks is also a positive trend to incorporate for a visually impactful presentation.

5. Big backgrounds

We will see more focus on big and bold visuals as the primary backdrop throughout presentations, as well as geometric shapes to give a sense of flow to slide layouts. Additionally, titles should be given extra attention so that they stand out against the busy backgrounds. For example, using background images on slides and adding light/dark treatments for optimal legibility is a great way to make an impact. Additionally, making one handle the default background across all slides is a great way to keep continuity.  Keeping up with these trends will help ensure your presentation stands out this year!

6. The latest trend will be dark mode

For years, dark mode is becoming increasingly popular among digital users, as it helps reduce eye strain by emitting less blue light. As more and more people move to the online world, this trend is expected to stay prominent in presentation design for years to come.

7. Text blocks with vibrant colors

Colorful blocks and color palettes can give presentations a modern and visually appealing look. Employing a brand palette into your presentation helps communicate your company values and messaging effectively. By strategically using colorful blocks of color, you can create slides that captivate viewers and make your presentation outstanding. Vibrant colors are very “in” this year, particularly a bright vibrancy of Magenta. Try incorporating different shades of the same color family as accents in your next presentation to make those key metrics stand out, or go bold and select a statement-making background color instead.

8. Graphic text design

Graphics design trends for 2023 are leaning towards bolder, more expressive fonts that push the limits of traditional ‘web safe’ designs. Experimental type treatments such as 3D renders and cutouts will also be prominent, bringing a fresh edgy flair to presentations that resembles music festival posters!

9. Serif typefaces could experience a revival

In 2023, designers will give a fun and artsy feel to the classic and traditional Serif font style. We can expect to see different letter shapes, sizes, and even intentional distortion of the letters. These exciting changes of Serif fonts could be used for title slides or headings for presentations, with more subtle Serif on body text. Serif fonts always create a feeling of tradition, commitment, and security – something that won’t go away any time soon!

Reasons to use Serif fonts

  1. Symbol of professionalism and depict consistency
  2. Used for highlighting titles, headings, and sub-headings
  3. Easily blend with most kinds of designs, color palettes, and dynamic themes
10. Motion graphics

In today’s presentations, motion graphics are the norm. This trend is set to become even more popular in 2023 with new techniques such as kinetic transitions between slides, subtle hover states for objects and pictures, expanding text and diagrams becoming animated when clicked upon. With these new visuals, presentations will become more captivating and engaging than ever before.

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Creative Motion Graphics

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Creative Motion Graphics

11. Flowing shapes

Consider using ovals, circles and other partial shapes that extend off the screen to create a visual flow towards text and other important messages in the design. Additionally, adding tints of bright color or more subtle shades will help bring life to your otherwise plain shapes. Finally, remember to plan ahead so that all elements fit together seamlessly!

12. Gray

In 2023, consider utilizing a sleek all-gray aesthetic for your presentations if dark mode is too much. Gray offers a calming feel and sets the perfect backdrop for colorful or black and white images with small bursts of color. This trendy yet elegant design scheme is great for any presentation.

13. Image overlays

Are you looking to keep up with presentation design trends? In 2023, much of the focus will be on using images with color overlays. This strategy strikes a balance between allowing plenty of room for images and text elements while imparting a softer, more subtle feel. Furthermore, this type of design can create color consistency that helps move the presentation along visually from one slide to the next.

14. Suppressed visuals

Get creative with your presentation design and try something totally unique in presentation designs 2023 – mute the images so they blend in with the background. This style allows you to use imagery while letting the words on each slide remain the focal point of your work. To add even more visual interest, incorporate interesting shapes to guide viewers through every one of your slides utilizing this must-watch trend.

15. Blocky Design

If you’re looking to update your PowerPoint presentation and make it a cut above the rest, look no further than the blocky design trend! This modern style uses colored blocks, squares, or rectangles to create abstract shapes that add interest and a unique aesthetic. To work with this trend, you might want to start off with a template or use a monotone color palette, which can help pull the entire design together. It may take some effort to create this stylish look, but it will be worth it in the end!

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Creative Blocky Design

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Creative Blocky Design

16. Photo Stories

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to presentation design trends? Then photo story presentations should be at the top of your list. This trend pairs big, bold images with simple text elements. To create visual interest and a cohesive look while avoiding repetition, you can experiment with images of different shapes, sizes, and placements. Don’t forget to allow the images to tell the story – use minimal color, typography, graphics, and icons. With this trend in mind, you’ll have an eye-catching presentation design that will be sure to wow any crowd.

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Photo Stories Design

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Photo Stories Design

17. Clean and Simple

2023 presentation design trends is all about the clean and simple presentation design trends. To create a bold and effective presentation, think of creating and reusing elements, like shapes or colors. For the font choice, stick to simple sans serif types that support this look and feel. Clean and simple is the way to go – it’ll always do the job!

18. Monochromatic Design

In the coming year, presentation design trends are heavily focused on the use of simplicity. People no longer prefer designs with bold colors and complex typography in their slides. Instead, they are drawn to subtle, single-tone color palettes that provide a clean and minimalist look. This will be highly beneficial to companies as consistent branding of simple colors can establish brand recognition more effectively, much like Coca-Cola’s red or Apple’s white and grey combination. As such, it is safe to say that single colors in various shades will be one of the top 30 design trends for presentations in 2023.

19. 3D Realism

Tech companies are leading the charge, implementing 3D elements into their branding and web design for a deeper sense of depth and reality. As businesses continue to embrace the power of presentation technology to tell stories visually, we can expect to see even more innovative, hyper-realistic designs over the coming years – so make sure you’re prepared by incorporating 3D elements into your presentations now.

20. Motion graphics titling

In 2023, presentation design trends are leaning heavily towards motion. Gifs and typography effects, inspired by lyric videos, have become far more than just a trend – they offer captivating visuals that engage viewers while displaying words in new and creative ways. Moving text, numbers and even letters helps to keep the audience’s attention as well as create unique data visualization presentations. Make sure to incorporate this type of animation into your presentations for an eye-catching result!

21. Anti-Design

Presentation 2023, the trend of anti-design is expected to make its mark in presentation design. Anti-design involves breaking all the fundamental rules of design and letting creativity take over. We can expect to see warped and stretched elements– sometimes that might not be very functional but it certainly results in a work of art! Creative agencies who want something extra-ordinary will likely use this form of design for their PowerPoints or Google slides.

22. Cinemagraphs & Placeholders

Presentation design trends such as Cinemagraphs and playful placeholder animations will be all the rage. A Cinemagraph looks like a still image at first glance, but with looping elements within it. With its timeless appeal, this design trend will persist across devices. Similarly, brightly-animated placeholders provide a captivating visual that grabs audience attention.

23. 2D Illustrations

Think imaginative artwork inspired by comic books that uses bold colors and striking imagery to convey corporate messages and data – perfect for making mobile presentations pop. Look out for plenty of superhero-themed designs as heroes fight against evil forces!

24. Virtual reality experiences

One of the most exciting developments to look out for is the advent of virtual reality experiences. Presentation audiences can now take a fully immersive journey and step into a brand new 360 degree environment – be it a retail store or product launch event – all virtually before they experience it physically!

25. Animated graphics & virtual reality

Animations, motion visuals and even 3D graphics will bring a dynamic effect to your presentation. Adapting to the modern customer demand for virtual reality experiences can turn heads with audiences across industries such as education, technology and services.

Use of incorporating animated graphics and virtual reality into your slides

  1. Demonstrate product application
  2. VR experiences – Showing the manufacturing process of products
  3. Convert images to AI-generated graphics
26. Inclusive visuals and graphics

As we look ahead to 2023, one graphic design trend that is sure to be prominent is inclusivity. This movement touches every facet of life and will be reflected in graphic and design trends, allowing for better representation and giving people the ability to connect with businesses and brands through inclusive visuals and graphics, Infographics play a vital rule in conveying messages succinctly. Canva is a good platform for designing creative visuals and graphics.

Presentation Design Trends 2023 - Inclusive Visuals and Graphics

Presentation Design Trends 2023 – Inclusive Visuals and Graphics

27. Botanicals and nature inspired elements

Companies are increasingly incorporating botanical themes and symbols of earth and trees into their presentations to reflect their corporate social responsibility goals. Furthermore, as more environmentally-friendly industries continue to grow, nature-based visuals and graphics will likely be the top trend of next year.

28. Unique AI-powered images

In 2023, presentation design trends to watch out for include playing around with images such as image grids, muted visuals, branded filters and overlays. This is hardly a new concept; using images throughout presentations helps the story better resonate with an audience of visual learners, and also breaks up those sometimes-boring blocks of texts. Visuals will still be an integral part of presentation design – but with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prominent, expect to see AI-powered images become the norm.

29. Accessibility

In 2023, we anticipate accessibility becoming increasingly important when it comes to presentation design. Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides are making advancements that enable users to create presentations that are more easily accessible by those with disabilities.

30. Interactivity

This will enable presenters to have more dynamic conversations with their audience as the presentations will be able to be navigated more easily. Apps such as PowerPoint and Google Slides make it relatively simple to add extra features such as interactivity making it easier for people to find what they need faster.

31. Diversity

Businesses want their presentations to accurately reflect their organization’s diverse make-up, requiring creative teams to look for new and interesting ways to use imagery and illustrations that accurately showcase the range of identities present. By crafting stories that leverage this, it is possible to create a powerful and memorable impact.

32. Geometric and aesthetic components

In 2023, presentation design is set to have a retro-revival feel, with Bauhaus elements coming back in style. We will see bold primary colors and geometric shapes used in unexpected ways. Both minimalist and maximalist designers may embrace strange-shaped treatments that create dramatic visual impressions. Be prepared to be awed by unexpected bubbles, blobs and other fun shapes!

33. Age of iluminating coloration

Wellness brands especially are likely to incorporate gradients in conjunction with cultural concepts like aura and noise, along with botanical elements. We predict this part of presentation design will gain traction over the next year.

34. Photos galore

Companies are starting to rebuild design campaigns with images instead of just photos, as well as shifting towards 3D designs. There is also an increased trend towards creative logos, packaging and print ads that stand out from the crowd and creatively deliver messages.

35. Retro line art

In 2023, designers are increasingly turning to minimal line art to create illustrations that are both humorous and engaging. This technique draws on the classic aesthetic of felt-tip marker drawings, evoking a sense of nostalgia.


From animation to illustrations, learn which presentation design trends you should consider for your next project. Get ahead of the game with these expert tips from professional presentation design services. Get ahead with professional presentation design trends for 2023! Discover the must-haves when it comes to innovative presentations and how to use them effectively.

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  1. How to be creative in ppt?

Some tips for being creative in PowerPoint include using visuals, incorporating storytelling, using unique fonts and colors, adding animations and transitions, and thinking outside the box with your design choices. It’s also important to keep your audience in mind and tailor your presentation to their interests and needs.

2. What makes a PPT attractive?

A visually appealing PowerPoint presentation should have a clear and concise message, use high-quality images and graphics, have a consistent color scheme and font style, and incorporate engaging animations and transitions. It should also be well-organized and easy to navigate.

3. What are the five rules of PowerPoint?

The five rules of PowerPoint presentations are: keep it simple, use high-quality images, limit text on each slide, use consistent formatting, and practice your delivery. By following these rules, you can create effective and engaging presentations that will keep your audience interested and focused.

4. What are the 5 qualities of creative presentation?

The 5 qualities of a creative presentation are:

  1. Originality
  2. Clarity
  3. Relevance
  4. Engagement
  5. Memorability

A creative presentation should be unique and fresh, easy to understand, relevant to the audience, engaging and interactive, and leave a lasting impression.

5. How can I make my PPT attractive and professional?

Some tips for making your PowerPoint presentation look attractive and professional include using a consistent color scheme, choosing easy-to-read fonts, using high-quality images and graphics, and keeping the design simple and uncluttered. You can also add animations and transitions to make the presentation more engaging, but be careful not to overdo it.

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