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Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad Worth Checking Out

An effective business proposal necessitates the utilization of polished presentations. Are you looking for the Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad? Then you are in the right place; here is a curated list of the Top 10 presentation design agencies, along with contact details. Creating a visually appealing presentation can be instrumental in achieving desired outcomes from your project. Utilizing the services of experienced PowerPoint designers can help streamline the process and maximize efficiency. Engaging the services of a professional presentation agency is an ideal way to access innovative, expert, and Best Presentation Services being offered by a team of design experts.

Presentation Design Agencies In India

Presentation Design Agencies In India

Five Reasons To Hire A Presentation Design Agency
  • Experience and expertise to create a professional and effective presentation.
  • Save time by taking care of the design and production aspects of your presentation.
  • Ensure that your presentation is consistent with your brand identity.
  • Providing a wide range of design options to choose from.
  • Creating a custom presentation that is tailored to your specific needs and audience.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans

An effective presentation can do wonders for your company, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad to help you make an impact. Before we start, let’s look at what a well-crafted presentation can do for you.

The Importance of Impressive Presentations

Presentations are an important tool for businesses to convey information and make an impact. An impressive presentation can help businesses to make a memorable impression on their audience, build trust, and communicate their message more effectively. Presentations can be used to demonstrate a product or service, explain research findings, or motivate a team. It can also show your ability to think critically, effectively use visuals, and present complex topics clearly and concisely.

Memorable Professional Presentations

Memorable Professional Presentations

List of Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad

Below is a selection of Top 10 presentation design agencies in India and abroad that can aid you in enhancing the quality of your corporate presentation design. In this list, we have given the basic information about the Top 10 presentation design agencies in India and abroad along with the pricing. The list also covers the type of services offered by these top 10 presentation design agencies in India and abroad and you can read through this blog to choose the best presentation design agency that offers affordable pricing options with high quality standards matching top consultants like McKinsey, BCG and Bain. 

1. Visual Sculptors

Visual Sculptors is a global provider of PowerPoint presentation design services led by former McKinsey Presentation Specialists. Our core strength lies in the slide design that enhances customer experience. The Visual Sculptors team comprises Business Presentation Specialists with over nine years of experience at McKinsey. We are proud to have been ranked first in the MS-PowerPoint Test conducted by Microsoft through Upwork. This is a testament to our team’s dedication and commitment to excellence.

About Visual Sculptors Design Services Private Limited

Visual Sculptors is a leading global provider of Best Presentation Services led by Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers. A Professional Presentation Agency comprising Business Presentation Specialists with 10+ years experience at McKinsey. A Top Rated Plus PPT Presentation Design agency in Upwork with 4,080 jobs, and 28,254 billed hours. This speaks to our team’s dedication, competing for the top 10 presentation design agencies in India and abroad. We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations in PowerPoint/PPT. Our services includes Business Presentation, Consulting Slides specializing in McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business Presentations, including think-cell charts.


Affordable & Flexible Costs – Lucrative pricing plans to cater your different needs

Starting at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan

The services offered by us are subscription packages. The projects that we work for you will be billed on an hourly basis. The hourly rate differs based on the type of service and the complexity of your requirements. All billing will be done on actuals. The billable hours also include the time spent on requirements gathering/understanding and meetings for your project. We can quote the estimated hours for completing a project upfront if requested by the client. The hours quoted is subject to adjustment until we have accepted the customer’s offer. The quoted hours and delivery time do not include any extra services added by the customer. We will contact the customer and inform them of any adjustments to price and/or delivery time. When agreeing to the quoted hours, the customer enters into an agreement with us.

Visual Sculptors Design Services Pvt. Ltd. deliver the services meeting the deadline as agreed with the customer. Upon delivery of the services, the customer is entitled to avail two free iterations like design improvements, updating the contents. More than two iterations will be billed at agreed hourly rate. We provide 100% guarantee on quality. We will generally work on 20% of the work as sample and deliver to you for your approval. If you like the sample, we will go ahead and complete the project and bill for the complete project. If you don’t like the sample, we can provide different sample again, if it is still not satisfactory, we will not charge for the work. If there are any error in our delivery like misinterpretation of instruction or omission, we will amend the same without additional charges.


High Quality, Every Time – Attractive PowerPoint Presentations with exceptional quality.

We create Business and consulting presentations as visually attractive, containing the ideal integration of textual and visual elements that reinforce the main message. As a professional presentation agency, we specialize in designing McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business Presentations, including think-cell charts. We offer affordable pricing options with high quality standards matching top consultants like McKinsey, BCG and Bain. Our Pricing plan starting at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan. 

We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations. Our Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers team has extensive experience designing visual materials, including PowerPoint presentations, Canva, Google Slides, and Adobe Acrobat. We offer the best presentation services tailored to meet your individual needs, whether you require an informative video presentation, an interactive PowerPoint/PPT presentation for a boardroom, or an engaging webinar. Our team of experts will work with you to create a business presentation that best represents your company and brand. 

Get ahead of the competition and make a powerful statement with these sleek, professional consulting slides. Perfect for making presentations to prospective clients!


Fast Turn around Times – Outstanding PowerPoint presentations delivered in 24-48 hours, on time, every time with timely reporting.


100% assured Confidentiality – We adhere to client confidentiality requirements. Happy to sign NDA as required!

Services Offered
1. Business and Consulting Presentations

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Business Presentation, Think-cell Charts, MS Graphs, Standard Professional Formatting

2. Visual Enhancement

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Visual Presentation, Dynamic Presentation, Visual Enhancement, Animation, Transition, Eye-catching Illustration, Audio-Visual Presentation

3. Investor Pitch Deck

Skills: MS PowerPoint, Pitch Deck, Investor Deck, Pitch Book, Angel Investors, Fund Raising Presentation, Funding Deck, Startup Fund Raise

4. PowerPoint Template Design

Skills: Custom Template, Branding Template, MS PowerPoint Template, Google Slides Template, Template Customization, Business Template, Consulting Template

5. Different Types of Presentation
(Example: Company Presentation, Healthcare Presentation, Real Estate Presentation, Animated Presentation, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Minimalist with icons, Vector illustration)

Skills: Company Presentation, Healthcare Presentation, Real Estate Presentation, Animated Presentation, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Education Presentation, Financial Presentation, Minimalistic Presentation, Technology Presentation

6. Word Document

Skills: MS Word, MS Word Template, MS Word Formatting, MS Word Report, Word Document Formatting, Word Doc Customization, Branding Word Doc, MS Word Design

7. Flyers, Brochures, Poster, Fillable Forms
(Flyer – Business, Flyer – Marketing, Brochure – Single-Fold / Bi-Fold / Tri-Fold, Poster A0, Adobe Fillable Form)

Skills: Business flyer, Marketing flyer, Single-Fold Brochure, Bi-Fold Brochure, Tri-Fold Brochure, A0 Poster, Adobe Fillable Form

8. Other Graphic Design Deliverables
(Single Page Infographic, Social Media Post, Business Card, Letter Head, Case Study, One-Pager Fact Sheet, Capability Statement)

Skills: Brand Collateral, Graphic Design Deliverable, Business Card, Letter Head, Social Media Post, Brand Stationery, Infographic Visualization, Print Design, Post Card, Business Catalogue

Industries Served
  • E-commerce
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Management Consultants
  • Automotive
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate
  • Bitcoin
  • AI, ML Technologies
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Environment
  • Education
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • IT – Tech – SAAS
  • Fashion
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • A Top Rated Plus PPT Presentation Design agency in Upwork with 4,080 jobs, and 28,254 billed hours
  • One of the Top 10 presentation design agencies in India with 5,000 projects, 50,000 billed hours, and 98% job success
  • We have worked on 5,000+ projects since our inception, ranging from startups to SMEs to large corporations to government agencies
  • We have more than 80% returning customer
2. Ethos3

At Ethos3, we provide comprehensive presentation design services for the most popular presentation platforms, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Prezi. Our services include template-based presentations as well as specialized assistance with content creation and storytelling.

Pricing: Starting at $2000 per project

3. Buffalo7

For an effective, persuasive presentation that resonates with your audience, changes mindsets, and meets desired objectives, it is essential to consider all the necessary components. Buffalo7 offers presentation creation, PowerPoint templates, infographic design, and print design services. Their presentation types include pitch decks, investor presentations, marketing presentations, conference presentations, finance presentations, and product presentations. The agency also offers training in virtual presentation skills, PowerPoint templates, and storytelling.

Pricing: $5000 for 10 slides (est.)

4. Slidebean

Slidebean is a powerful platform for creating and delivering presentations and pitch decks. It features customizable content blocks and eye-catching templates that provide a great starting point for a variety of presentation design services, from sales pitches to client presentations.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per slide

5. SlideRabbit

SlideRabbit provides specialized graphic and presentation design services to legal firms and marketing businesses, specializing in PowerPoint slide designs, Keynote presentations, and infographics

Pricing: On request

6. BrightCarbon

Bright Carbon focuses on crafting compelling content that effectively communicates your message. Their services include animation, eLearning, training, and graphic design.

Pricing: Starting at $2500 for 10 slides

This blog has highlighted five prominent agencies that specialize in presentation design services. When searching for the Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad, it is essential to consider the various freelancing platforms that provide the most reliable design resources.  Freelance platforms provide access to a wide range of talented professionals offering Best Presentation Services. Listed below are some of the top platforms that offer top-notch design resources.


Upwork is an online platform that connects businesses with freelance professionals from around the world. It provides an easy-to-use interface for businesses to find and hire the best-suited professional for the job. Individual freelancers and presentation design agencies in India and abroad offer their creative design solutions, delivering high quality standards. 

8. is an online platform that provides businesses and individuals with an easy way to access professionals for short-term projects. It helps entrepreneurs and freelancers find services, such as graphic design, writing, web development, video production, and more. Presentation design agencies in India and abroad showcase their design talents, get best design projects and build their business name over the years. It is worthwhile to explore the best presentation design agencies that match the top quality standards as that of McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

9. is an online marketplace that connects employers with talented professionals from around the world. Employers can browse through freelance job postings in various categories, including web, mobile & software development, writing & content, design, data entry & admin, customer service, sales & marketing, and more. Are you searching for best Presentation Design Agencies in India? You can find expert presentation design agencies in this platform.

10. is an online platform that enables businesses to connect with talented freelancers from around the world. Employers can easily find and hire freelancers through the platform for short-term or long-term projects and tasks. Top Presentation Design Agencies in India create their profile, build customer base and handle multitude of design projects using this platform that builds long-term business partnership.

11. is an online platform that allows businesses to connect with freelance professionals. Through, businesses can easily find, hire, and collaborate with experienced professionals in a range of fields. Presentation Design Agencies in India make the use of this platform to get quality design projects. 

Visual Sculptors - Ex-McKinsey Designers

Visual Sculptors – Ex-McKinsey Designers

Professional Presentation Agency

A well-organized presentation structure is essential for making a lasting impression. If you take the time to ensure the progression of your presentation is logical and complete, you will be able to present confidently. Creating an aesthetically pleasing design for a presentation can be challenging. Visual Sculptors, experienced professionals in presentation design services, can incorporate creative elements to enhance the visuals and strengthen the overall impact.

Core Values:
  • Attractive presentations with exceptional quality
  • On-time delivery and transparent communication
  • Affordable and flexible costs
  • Assuring confidentiality of the work
  • Creating an engaging and memorable customer experience
  • Client-focused approach and constantly working to exceed their expectations
  • Creating sophisticated slides from scratch and ensuring high-quality output with careful content proofreading
  • Graphical data visualization using MS-Graph and Think-cell software
  • Designing PowerPoint templates and slides that meet client specifications
  • Identify and correct all inconsistencies within PowerPoint slides
  • Visually enhancing the existing presentation

McKinsey consulting presentation, Management Consulting Firm Presentation, Consulting Presentation, Consulting slide, Corporate Presentation, Professional business presentation, startup presentation, Sales Presentation, Infographics, custom presentation, Investor Pitch Deck, Fundraising, Visual Graphic Design, Infographic, Custom Presentation, Presentation Design, Training presentation, Educational Presentation, Financial Presentations, Business and Consulting Presentation, Business catalogue, Marketing Presentation, Visual Enhancement, Template Conversion, PowerPoint Template Design, Company Presentation, Healthcare Presentation, Real Estate Presentation, Animated Presentation, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Minimalist with icons, Vector illustration, Reformatting, Data Visualization, Slide Animation, Slide Transition, Professional PowerPoint, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Google slides, Google Docs, Tidy UP, Branding, Custom Template design, Minor Design Touchups, Marketing presentation,  Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Adobe Suite (In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop), Top ex-McKinsey presentation designers, Ex-McKinsey Presentation specialist, McKinsey Presentation specialist, McKinsey Team, Presentation Specialist, VGI, Visual Graphics, McKinsey consultants, Case interviews, Single Page Infographic, Social Media Post, Business Card, Letter Head, Case Study, One-Pager Fact Sheet, Capability Statement, Adobe fillable form, A0 Poster, Slide cleanup, Slide design, White Paper, E-books, business flyer, marketing flyer, Single-Fold/Bi-Fold/Tri-Fold brochure with Exceptional capacity to handle Ongoing Projects as well.

Key Takeaways
  1. Creating a comprehensive and effective presentation can enhance your opportunities for success.
  2. Professionally crafted infographics and compelling content can enhance your pitch decks and investor presentations significantly.
  3. When selecting a presentation design agency, consider the packages they offer and assess whether they are within your budget.
What is a presentation design agency?

Presentation design agencies help clients create powerful, visually engaging presentations that effectively communicate their message. They understand the nuances of creating effective presentations that capture the audience’s attention.

What is the best design in making presentation?

Design Tips for Professional Presentations

  1. Start with a strong outline
  2. Keep your visuals simple and minimalistic
  3. Use charts, diagrams, and photographs 
  4. Use a consistent color palette
  5. Utilize text sparingly 
  6. Employ proper whitespace management
  7. Use high-resolution images
  8. Use readable fonts
Which PPT maker is best?

Popular presentation software solutions include Visme, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva, and Google Slides. Management consultants depend significantly on Microsoft PowerPoint to achieve desired outcomes. 

What are the 4 types of presentation?
  1. Informative
  2. Instructional
  3. Persuasive
  4. Decision-making

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