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Animated Presentation – Bring life to your static boring slides

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Animated Presentation – Bring life to your static boring slides

Animated presentations can be a powerful tool for setting the tone for a presentation. They can add visual interest and capture the attention of an audience. Animations add emphasis to emphasize to critical points along with a layer of professionalism to the presentation. Animations can also transition between slides and keep the presentation flowing. With careful planning, animations can add extra polish to the presentation. Animations help illustrate points and to create a sense of engagement with the audience. When selecting animations, it is crucial to keep in mind the presentation's audience and choose appropriate and professional animations.

Animated Presentation Services - Visual Sculptors

Are you thinking of sprucing up your static slides with some life? Look no further. Our animation experts can breathe new life into your presentations, adding apt animations that sync perfectly with the message and create a visually stimulating experience for the audience. Boasting years of experience in PowerPoint design, our Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers specialize in creating stunning visuals coupled with the right balance of look & feel, appeal, and visibility. We create Business and consulting presentations as visually attractive, containing the ideal integration of textual and visual elements that reinforce the main message. As a professional presentation agency, we specialize in delivering animated presentations that create a 'wow impact' on your audience.

Make your presentations engaging and unforgettable with our experienced team of animation designers. Our Best Presentation Services will help you elevate the impact of your message.

Creating an animated presentation in PowerPoint

1. Choose a Theme
The first step to creating an animated presentation in PowerPoint is to pick a theme that matches the content of your project. Pick something engaging and eye-catching that will draw the attention of your audience.

2. Choose a template
Microsoft offers several pre-made templates with various designs you can customize or use. Utilizing a template will keep the structure of your presentation consistent and organized while allowing you the freedom to customize colours, fonts, and graphics.

3. Create Visual Content
Include text boxes, images, graphs, shapes and other visuals to capture your audience's attention and ensure your message is easy to understand. Be sure to include animation effects that will make each slide come alive as you present it.

4. Add Audio
An animated presentation in PowerPoint can liven up an ordinary slideshow by adding visual and audio effects. With PowerPoint, you can choose from a library of soundtracks or create a custom score to add emotion to each moment of your animation. The addition of sound effects truly brings your presentation alive! The Audio files must be in a.wma format to include Audio in an animated PowerPoint presentation. But, it is also possible to use other file types such as.mp3 or.wav forms for playing sound in the animation.

5. Incorporate sound or music
Elevate the visual appeal of your PowerPoint presentation with animations and Audio! You can add an engaging soundtrack as background music with a few clicks by downloading royalty-free tracks from royalty-free sites such as Freesound or YouTube Audio Library. Or, if you have a Windows computer, record voiceovers using the internal microphone features for further personalization. Creating an animated presentation in PowerPoint can be a great way to captivate your audience. To enhance the effect, consider hiring voice actors from specialized sites like who can provide various accents and styles to give your presentation character.

6. Preview Your Project
Before you show off your new animated presentation in PowerPoint, making sure all the slides and transitions look right is essential. Checking over each slide and Transition at least once will help you catch any typos or missing images so that everything looks perfect when you are ready to present.

7. Prepare to Present
When giving your animated PowerPoint presentation, make sure to have all the props (Microphone/laptop) ready and adjust projector settings accordingly depending on the room type and size of the display surface. Be sure to practice projecting before delivering your presentation! Storytelling is an essential element of delivering animated presentations within PowerPoint. Doing so will help ensure your viewers' attention until the very end!

Types of animations in PowerPoint

1. Static Animations
Static Animations include fade, fly in/out, vanishing point, swirl, wheel, honeycomb, and more. These simple animations bring attention to specific elements on your slide.

2. Motion Paths
Motion Paths are animations that move things from one point to another on your slides. PowerPoint provides several motion paths by default (such as curved lines and angles), or you can create your own using the Pen tool available in Advanced Animation.

3. Morph Transition
The Morph Transition animation lets you transform one shape into another, adding excellent dynamic effects that can make your presentation more engaging and professional. You can morph shapes quickly without adjusting the individual points separately, like traditional animation tools.

4. Emphasis Animations
Emphasis Animations emphasize specific aspects of information. These include highlighting in different colours and scaling up to draw attention, such as cropping an image after it appears completely – these effects add an extra flair to your presentation look and feel.

5. Introductory and Exit Animations
Introductory and Exit Animations are specially designed animations that allow PowerPoint presentations to start with a bang! The introductory sequence should involve some splashy' animation or Transition that quickly grabs viewers' attention, like exploding stars in all directions or fading images sliding up into view from the side before starting into the main program content itself.

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