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How to make consulting PPT – Tips and Tricks

The Importance of Consulting PPTs for Business Improvement

Design and delivery of a consulting PPT play a crucial role in facilitating business growth. They provide a visual and concise way to communicate complex ideas, strategies, and recommendations to clients or stakeholders. A consulting PPT allows one to present data, analysis, and insights clearly and organized, making it easier for decision-makers to understand and make informed choices. A consulting PPT is a must-have tool for driving business improvement and facilitating effective communication in the consulting industry.

Management consultants rely heavily on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to transform interviews, meetings, data analyses, and research pieces into insightful presentations. The client demands succinct, well-structured findings that are easily understandable. The age-old query is how to achieve proficiency and efficiency in using these tools without compromising quality.

The consulting industry revolves around the sale of ideas and concepts, wherein the adept utilization of tools like PowerPoint and Excel is paramount in effectively conveying these concepts to clients. Mastering these applications is vital for any consultant looking to provide maximum value to their clientele. Undoubtedly, it is the most crucial practical expertise a consultant can possess.

The daily routine of a consultant is truly bustling, with numerous responsibilities ranging from attending calls and meetings to scrutinizing and reporting outcomes. To achieve tangible results, it is imperative to prioritize tasks and allocate resources. However, even after effectively prioritizing, a significant fraction of time is consumed manually constructing presentations and reports.

Presenting Consulting PPT

Presenting Consulting PPT

Within this blog entry, we shall divulge seven pivotal pointers tailored for consultants. These suggestions provide a solid basis for proficiently using PowerPoint and tactically implementing it to amplify efficiency.

6 steps in building strategy consulting slide decks

An excellent PowerPoint example of this is the use of visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and images, in a PowerPoint presentation. A example PPT presentation can capture the audience’s attention and deliver information succinctly. The PPT design or PowerPoint design involves organized visual hierarchy and a balanced visual content strategy. The use of the best PPT templates can elevate the overall design and make the presentation more visually appealing. Those striving to build their own PPT templates, can search for PPT how to make templates online and can find varied blogs offering tips and design ideas for improving templates design.

We give below the 6 steps to design and improve strategy consulting slide decks, including:

  1. Structure the framework of your slide deck
  2. Define the purpose of your presentation
  3. Construct substantive content
  4. Build body slides
  5. Articulate an executive summary
  6. Review your slide deck

Many consultants spend much of their daily time in building and perfecting the slide decks. Considering their nature of work involving focused research, some consultants to outsource their design tasks to a expert presentation design agency. If you are looking for such a presentation design agency, then you can try our services of Visual Sculptors, covering from templates creation to slide improvements and delivering perfect consulting slide decks matching McKinsey style and standards.

Our collection of best PowerPoint templates offers a wide variety of options to suit any presentation topic or style. Our animated PPT templates add an extra layer of engagement and interactivity to captivate your audience. Furthermore, our design PowerPoint templates are expertly crafted to elevate the visual impact of your slides. With our animated PowerPoint templates, you can bring your presentations to life and leave a lasting impression.

7 pivotal pointers tailored for consultants
1️⃣ Save time while building high-quality slides
Consulting PPT - Quality Slides

Consulting PPT – Quality Slides

It is essential to create high-quality slides for effectively impacting your audience. It can be a time-consuming process and creating an audience impact depends on varied other factors. There are several ways to save time while building high-quality slides and choosing best tools can save your time.

2️⃣ Access to great templates is vital
Consulting PPT - Templates

Consulting PPT – Templates

One of the most crucial ways to save time is to have access to great templates. Templates can help you quickly create professional-looking slides without starting from scratch each time. A template library with various designs and layouts can also help create a consistent look throughout your presentation.

3️⃣ Be consistent in formatting, without exception
Consulting PPT - Formatting

Consulting PPT – Formatting

Consistency is the key to creating professional-looking slides. Ensure all slides have the same formatting, including font size, color, or alignment. Aligning all elements on your slides can be tedious, but it’s worth the effort. Consistency in formatting is essential to creating a cohesive and professional-looking presentation.

4️⃣ Have someone review the slides

Having someone review your slides before the presentation can help identify mistakes or inconsistencies that you may have missed. A fresh set of eyes can point out any discrepancies in formatting or design. Additionally, the reviewer can provide feedback on the overall flow and effectiveness of the presentation.

5️⃣ Use technology for validation and finetuning

Using technology for validation and finetuning can also save time and ensure accuracy. There are many tools and software available that can help validate your presentation design.

6️⃣ Transferring and updating Excel data into PowerPoint
Consulting PPT - Data Visualization

Consulting PPT – Data Visualization

Transferring and updating Excel data into PowerPoint can be crucial to any business presentation. The data presented in the PowerPoint slides has to be updated and precise. Excel provides a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing data. PowerPoint offers varied data visualization tools including think-cell charts and other plugins for data visualization.

7️⃣ Be aware of best-practice shortcuts

While learning these best-practice shortcuts may seem trivial, they can significantly impact your productivity. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with these shortcuts, you can save valuable time and energy better spent on another task.


PowerPoint is widely used for any type of business presentations

Microsoft PPT or Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular software program, being widely used for businesses across industries. PPT templates, also known as PowerPoint templates, are pre-designed slides that can be used to create professional and visually appealing presentations. With a wide range of presentation slides templates to choose from, users can easily elevate the impact and effectiveness of their presentations.

PowerPoint presentation or PPT presentation are widely used and consultants spend most of their daily time building consulting presentations. It is vital to build presentations templates to create consistent design layouts to be used for future presentations. PowerPoint slides templates created aligned to branding guidelines save time by providing pre-designed layouts that can be used for future slides building. A consulting slide deck typically follows a structured pattern and slides from Big 3 management consultants like Mckinsey, BCG and Bain are referred for design layouts for their high quality design deliverables.

From professional themes to creative designs, PowerPoint presentations templates offer a hassle-free way to design an engaging and visually appealing presentation. It is essential to customize the PowerPoint presentation layouts to fit the specific needs of a presentation, especially for a particular brand. Using templates for PPT presentation is often considered a smart move as it brings consistency across slides produced from different locations and from different teams.

Be it PowerPoint templates for IT presentations or for any industry, templates are vital to bring consistency and uniformity to slides creation. By using template and then incorporating content into the PPT slides or PowerPoint slides, one can get a set of design layouts that looks consistent all across. Across the businesses, presenters widely use PowerPoint presentation slides as the chosen medium for presentation meetings. The format for PowerPoint presentation allows for easy customization, helping the presenters to come up with layouts and themes aligned to specific branding.


Consultants use PowerPoint daily; the end deliverables will be as slide decks only. Let us see a few supporting points on why PPT stands the best for consultants in creating their deliverables.

Consultants use PowerPoint extensively

Consultants use consulting PPT as an effective tool for presenting complex information clearly and concisely. A consulting PPT enhances the visual appeal and engages the audience using various design features. By designing an effective consulting PPT, the presenter can cover all the necessary points during the presentation meeting. Consultants can use multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and charts, to support their arguments and provide a more compelling presentation.

The consulting domain is centered on the sale of ingenious ideas and concepts, and there is no denying that presentations serve as the essential medium for demonstrating these ideas. Consequently, a comprehensive comprehension of the primary presentation platforms, such as PowerPoint and Google Slides, is indispensable for effective communication with clients in this field.

Within the subsequent segment of this informative blog, we shall expound upon pertinent notions concerning presentations that are imperative for consultants to imbibe. These ideas shall be instrumental in establishing a streamlined and productive approach towards constructing presentations. Moreover, we shall also delve into the intricate mechanics of utilizing PowerPoint as a medium for presentation and elucidate the various techniques that can be employed to work around this tool.

With the number of hours consultants spend on presentations, it would be worthwhile to share tips and tricks to save those vital minutes and give you the edge you need during your next presentation.

8 Noteworthy PowerPoint Hacks For Consultants

Let’s explore eight noteworthy PowerPoint hacks that every consultant must know about.

1️⃣ Quick Copy

A pertinent example of this approach is the utilization of a keyboard shortcut that enables swift object copying on a slide. A simple press of the control key while clicking on the object serves to copy it, after which it can be dragged away easily. By prioritizing leveraging pre-existing slide elements, individuals can streamline their approach to slide creation and improve their productivity.

2️⃣ Move Objects in a Straight Line

The true potential of this shortcut is realized when it is used in conjunction with the initial one. In essence, it enables the seamless duplication of any element, be it a box or otherwise, which can be positioned directly underneath the original. Press the control and shift keys together, followed by a click-and-drag function with the mouse. This can save time and enhance your productivity.

3️⃣ Repeat Commands

Using the F4 key, you can easily apply the same action to multiple objects. For e.g., if you want to change the color of an object to green, select the object and choose a green shape fill from the ribbon. Select the same color as the next object and press the F4 key to apply it. This shortcut saves time and allows for efficient editing in PowerPoint.

4️⃣ Ribbon Shortcuts

The ribbon at the top of the PowerPoint interface contains various commands and options. By using ribbon shortcuts, you can easily access these commands. For instance, pressing the Alt key followed by the letter for a specific tab, such as the home tab (H), and then the letter for a command, such as a font color (FC), allows you to alter the color of the font quickly. This shortcut, Alt -> H -> FC, simplifies formatting your presentation.

5️⃣ Copy and Paste Formatting

This feature allows you to duplicate one item’s formatting onto another quickly. Take for instance, if you want to convert a box into a series of bullet points, you can select the bullet points, press Control + Shift + C, then select the box and press Control + Shift + V to apply the formatting. This saves you time and effort in manually formatting each item.

6️⃣ Aligning and Distributing

Users can ensure that all items are evenly spaced and aligned by selecting multiple objects and using the align tool. The distribution tool allows users to space objects evenly, both horizontally and vertically. These tools can save time and effort in creating presentations and make creating a polished and cohesive design easy.

7️⃣ Group Objects

Grouping objects in PowerPoint is a useful feature that allows users to manage and manipulate multiple objects as a single entity. Grouping objects enables users to align, resize, and move multiple objects simultaneously, making it much easier to create professional-looking presentations quickly. Select the objects you wish to group, right-click, and choose the “Group” option. This saves time and improve the visual impact of presentations.

8️⃣ Use the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint is a useful feature allowing users to access frequently used commands and tools easily. It is located above the ribbon and can be customized to include any command or tool that a user desires. Users can save time and avoid unnecessary clicks by adding commonly used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.

With these 8 PowerPoint hacks, now we shall see the usefulness of think-cell charts, data visualization tools, and common design layouts used in consulting decks.

12 amazing charts created using think-cell for a consulting PPT
Consulting PPT - Thinkcell Charts

Consulting PPT – Think-cell Charts

  1. Waterfall Chart
  2. Gantt Chart
  3. Mekko Chart
  4. Scatter and Bubble Chart
  5. Pie Chart
  6. Line Chart
  7. Clustered Chart
  8. 100% Chart
  9. Stacked Column and Bar Chart
  10. Area Chart
  11. Area 100% Chart
  12. Butterfly chart
10 creative data visualization techniques used in designing a consulting PPT
Consulting PPT - data visualizing tools

Consulting PPT – data visualizing tools

  1. Chord Diagram
  2. Sunburst chart
  3. Radial Bar chart
  4. Nightingale Rose chart
  5. Parallel Coordinates Plot
  6. Histogram Chart
  7. Frequency Table
  8. Tree map
  9. Bullet Graph
  10. Funnel Chart
10 commonly used design layouts in building a consulting PPT
Consulting PPT Design

Consulting PPT Design

  1. Pillar Diagram
  2. Matrix design
  3. Process Flow Diagram
  4. Harvey Balls
  5. Venn Diagram
  6. SWOT analysis
  7. Market sizing visualization
  8. Map Slide
  9. Organization Chart
  10. Heat Map Visualization

In this blog, we shall only see the list for the said tools and a detailed guide covering all of them; please refer to our previous blog on “How to create consulting decks like McKinsey Consultants”.

PowerPoint is widely used across all industries as a preferred presentation software. The consultants extensively make use of PowerPoint in their day-to-day operations. It is worthwhile for a consultant to stay tuned with the latest updates in PowerPoint for new features being introduced.

Let us briefly overview the new features introduced in PowerPoint 2023.

8 useful features of PowerPoint – 2023 updates

PowerPoint introduced new features in 2023 to adapt to changing user needs. These updates will include enhancements to the teleprompter function, improved saving options for Microsoft Teams and Groups, and improvements to the Drawing Tools. These new features will make using PowerPoint easier and more efficient, incorporating modern technology and artificial intelligence. Stay updated with the latest and greatest for Microsoft PowerPoint by exploring these tips and tricks.

1️⃣ Enhanced teleprompter

This new feature will allow users to quickly refer to their script while recording videos, eliminating the need to fumble with notes. The auto-scroll feature will help users maintain better eye contact with the camera, resulting in more confident and engaging presentations.

2️⃣ Accessibility ribbon improvements

One notable addition is the Accessibility ribbon, which will appear when the Alt Text Pane and Reading Order Pane are open, making it easier to identify and address accessibility issues for color-blind individuals. Additionally, a new feature called Mark as Decorative will allow users to designate images purely decorative, eliminating the need to include alt text. Another time-saving feature is quickly adding a header row or column to a table with the Insert Header Row and Insert Header Column commands. These updates aim to improve the overall user experience and make PowerPoint more efficient for creating accessible and visually appealing presentations.

3️⃣ Improved drawing tools

The Draw tab has been updated based on user feedback, providing easier access to a wider range of tools. Some new capabilities include Undo/Redo and Ruler, allowing for more precise editing. A laser pointer will also be available in Slideshow mode, enhancing presentations. Furthermore, users can now draw straight lines using a stylus or a mouse, adding more versatility to their designs.

4️⃣ Add your own videos to PowerPoint for the web presentations

While users have been able to insert videos from online platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, the upcoming update will allow users to include their videos quickly. Whether it’s a memorable moment from a personal event or a team celebration, users can now seamlessly integrate their video content into their presentations. Use of short videos are more effective in capturing the audience’s attention. The recommended video file format is .mp4. PowerPoint also supports other file types such as .mov, .wmv, .avi, .m4v, .mkv, .asf, and .ts.

5️⃣ Automatic bullet formatting

Previously, setting up a bulleted list required navigating through the ribbon, selecting the desired bullet style, and manually applying it. However, the latest update allows users to effortlessly create bulleted lists without interrupting their workflow or needing to use the mouse. This new feature enables users to quickly and efficiently convey their message with impactful statements.

6️⃣ iOS Template collection

The number of templates in PowerPoint for iOS has been increased from 24 to 71 and made social-friendly and -ready. With these templates, you can quickly create posters, flyers, invitations, celebratory posts, and more. Check it out!

7️⃣ Export slides as an animated GIF in PowerPoint for iPad

The latest features in PowerPoint will include creating animated GIFs from different slides and converting existing presentations into animated GIFs while preserving their animations. This feature will be available not only in PowerPoint for Windows, Mac and iPad as well.

8️⃣ Format Painter in PowerPoint for iPad

The Format Painter feature, which allows users to apply formatting to multiple elements easily, is now available on PowerPoint and Word for iPad. With just a single tap, users can copy all the formatting from one object and apply it to another. This includes color, font style and size, and border style.

We have discussed 8 new updates in PowerPoint 2023 that are useful in improving your PowerPoint designs and adapting to changing design needs and trends.

Are you a busy consultant? Need more time to learn and adopt these updates for your next consulting PPT designs? No need to try hard.

Instead, try to outsource your consulting PPT designs to a top presentation design agency

Still, have questions?

If you have more questions about improving the designs of consulting decks, leave them in the comments below. Our expert Ex-McKinsey designers team at Visual Sculptors are eager to share the top design principles followed for McKinsey-style presentation designs for consulting decks.

Wrapping it up

With the recent advancements in the market, there are many presentation applications available online. When you search chart make in google, you can find many applications. Think-Cell is one of the smart plugin used in PowerPoint to build various chart types as per the nature of data.

We offer great PPT templates aligned to McKinsey style and deliver consistent and highly professional consulting slide decks. By adopting to our good PPT templates for your consulting slide decks, you can be sure that your slides are aligned to your branding and ensure and consistency and professionalism across the entire deck.

Consultants provide hand-drawn sketches to production staff, who create the final product. Specialist professionals do the presentation slides. An effectively organized presentation with carefully considered content is far more effective than one that looks attractive.

You can visit our portfolio to understand a typical consultant style. Our team of Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers (Ex-VGI Visual Graphics India) meticulously follow the best practices of formatting and data visualization techniques to come up with suitable chart types. If you require a professionally designed presentation with formatted charts in MS Graph or Thinkcell, please contact us; we would be delighted to discuss your next design project.


1. How to make ppt for consulting?

When creating a PowerPoint presentation for consulting, it is important to keep it concise and focused. Use clear and professional visuals, such as charts and graphs, to convey your information. Structure your presentation with a clear introduction, main points, and a conclusion. Use bullet points and avoid excessive text. Practice your presentation and be prepared to answer questions.

2. What is a consulting presentation?

A consulting presentation is a presentation given by a consultant to a client or potential client. It is a way for the consultant to communicate their expertise, recommendations, and solutions to the client’s business challenges or needs. The presentation typically includes analysis, data, strategies, and action plans to help the client make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

3. What do you mean by consulting?

Consulting refers to the practice of providing expert advice and guidance to individuals or organizations in a specific field or industry. A consultant is someone who has specialized knowledge and experience in a particular area and uses that expertise to help clients solve problems, make decisions, and improve their performance. Consultants may work independently or as part of a consulting firm, and their services can range from strategic planning and business development to process improvement and project management.

4. What makes a good consulting presentation?

A good consulting presentation should be clear, concise, and visually appealing. It should clearly outline the problem or challenge, provide relevant data and analysis, and offer actionable recommendations. It should also be well-structured, engaging, and tailored to the audience’s needs and interests. Additionally, using visuals, storytelling techniques, and interactive elements can help make the presentation more impactful and memorable.

5. What are the 5 P’s of consulting?

The 5 P’s of consulting are Purpose, Process, People, Product, and Profit. These elements are essential for a successful consulting engagement and help consultants deliver value to their clients.

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