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Presentation Design Trends 2022

Presentation design experts are always on the lookout for something new that can create a massive buzz in the design world. They’re always looking for the most brilliant ideas to help them stand out. To make things easy, we’ve shortlisted some of the most impactful presentation design trends 2022 that are here to stay for a long while!


  1. Animation & Motion to boost engagement

While people usually tend to stare blankly at presentation slides, animation and motion graphics can turn this around. Adding motion effects to an otherwise boring screen can put some life into it and capture your audience’s attention. Using motion effects keeps your audience attentive and increases their attention and listening span. Using way too many effects can be distracting, so make sure your design is functional. You must carefully choose your animation so that it perfectly blends with your presentation and its purpose.


  1. 3D Design Elements

3D elements with a flatter aesthetic are one of the best presentation design ideas creating waves in the design world. Including elements with depth adds an additional dimensional effect to 2d slides. Highlighting the depths and shadows of design elements adds a 3d effect and enhances the presentation’s visual appeal.

3D design elements

3d elements

  1. Use of the Memphis Design

Bring back the 80s in the form of the Memphis Design. In recent years, we have witnessed the minimalistic trend rule the design world, but the flashy and chaotic Memphis design is quickly taking over. It offers a bright and refreshing approach to design that comes as a break from minimalistic styles that may sometimes become too boring. While Memphis design was previously summed up by bold contrasting colors, stylized patterns and abstract squiggles, designers today have added a 2022 twist to the style with simplified shades and patterns making it relevant in today’s times.

memphis design for powerpoint design services

Memphis design

  1. Immersive Presentations

A presentation trend that is here to stay for quite a long time is an immersive presentation experience. We’ve all had our fair share of presentations and know quite well how boring staring at ordinary slides can be. It is now possible to create an immersive presentation experience in various ways like motion graphics that support your message, storytelling presentations that keep your audience intrigued, introducing elements in your slides that promote interactivity, etc. Presentation design experts can take your presentation’s message and turn it into an immersive experience for your audience.


  1. Glass Morphism

If you’ve lately been seeing presentation slides that have a lot of transparency or glossy styles, then it is the glass morphism trend that most designers are using. Its primary aspect is a semi-transparent background that blends into the element and emphasizes light or dark objects. The background blur and semi-transparent background add a frosted glass look to the design.


  1. Infographics

Infographics have made it easy to express your information with creative, clear, and concise designs. Research has proven that humans retain more information when presented with texts, charts, graphics, diagrams, and visuals. The human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text which is why infographics have gained a lot of popularity as a design trend that is here to stay. Infographics add a much-needed spark of creativity to your data by demonstrating it through graphics, audio, video, charts, tables, diagrams, and other visuals.

infographic element collection

Business person seeing the data of infographic element collection

Best Presentation Design Services

best presentation design services

Presentation in meeting by an employee

With these presentation design trends up your sleeve; you can take your presentation to the next level. Incorporating these trends into your designs can help your presentation stay design-relevant and interactive. While trends can help you stay at the top of your presentation game, it is even more important to only incorporate those elements that stay in line with your brand’s identity and purpose. Offering professional presentation design services, Visual Sculptors can help you strike a balance between upcoming trends and brilliant branding to craft perfect presentations.

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