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Bring your ideas to life with Animated Presentations

Presentations may be playing a major role in your life, but animations may not necessarily hold that value. While there are presenters who like to use animations in their presentations, there is a majority that wants to avoid them at all costs. To the latter, we would suggest that animations are what’s going to bring your presentation to life. To the former, it is essential to know how you can use animations to channelize your presentation design ideas.


What is an animated presentation?

An animated presentation has extra effects like movement, visual effects, audio, transitions, etc. You can operate these animations with a click or set an automatic timer. 


Why does your presentation need animation?


Applying animation to your creative presentation makes it dynamic and interactive helping you direct the flow of information with ease. You can apply audio or visual effects to text or objects that help in making information easy to comprehend and remember. While animations can make your presentation lively, you must use them to complement your information and not distract your audience.

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How can you use animation in your presentation?


  • Applying audio or visual effects to text and objects
  • Add movement or motion paths to object
  • Highlight important information
  • Decide the flow of your professional presentation


Animations you can use in PowerPoint

  • Slide Transitions

Wipe down, zoom in or fade out, there are several predefined transitions you can use when you go from one slide to another.

  • Audio effects

Nature sounds, music, audio clips, applause sounds and other audio effects can be used to create the perfect mood for your presentation. 

  • Custom animations

Add effects and animate any or all objects by using features like entrance, emphasis, exit, motion paths, etc.


PowerPoint lets you choose from over 100 animation options to make your presentation dynamic. When there are so many options available, it is quite easy to go overboard with your animations. Maintaining consistency and purpose in your animations is quite difficult which is why it is ideal to opt for professional PowerPoint design services.


Why opt for Visual Sculptors’ animated presentation services?

PowerPoint has its own pre-defined animation feature, but creating a creative and professional animated presentation is not as easy as it sounds. Using advanced tools, PowerPoint presentation designers at Visual Sculptors whose services extend to USA, UK, Australia have an expert team on excel in crafting an appealing animated presentation, breathing life into your static presentation with dynamic animations. 


Ensuring that animations blend perfectly with your presentation’s message, we offer PowerPoint presentation services that create a powerful impact on your audience. With the perfect combination of visibility, look & feel, appeal and visual enhancements, we hold exceptional expertise in making PowerPoint slides more appealing and attractive. 

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