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A closer look at PowerPoint Overlooked Features

How to improve your presentations by addressing the common PowerPoint Overlooked Features

For centuries, presentations have been the way people presented their ideas, products, and services to others, and it has proven to be so successful that it has been passed down through generations, and it is being used to date. PowerPoint presentations are widely used across all industries to effectively convey the information to audience. We have given a closer look at PowerPoint overlooked features in this blog post. Discover these common PowerPoint overlooked features and be attentive to correct them to deliver professional presentations that are memorable.

Have you lately been entrusted with developing a presentation or are you looking to hire a presentation design company? And you wanted to conduct some study on how presentations really work if that’s the case you’ve come to the perfect spot. Because in this blog, we are taking a closer look into professional PowerPoint and some of its overlooked features.

Top 10 PowerPoint features for designing professional presentations
  1. Slide Layouts
  2. Themes
  3. Transitions
  4. Animations
  5. Multimedia Integration
  6. Presenter View
  7. Collaboration
  8. SmartArt
  9. Hyperlinks
  10. Presenter Tools
20 amazing features in PowerPoint that your need to try
1. Voice Recording

PowerPoint allows you to record audio vocals directly in the presentation. One of the PowerPoint overlooked feature – Voice recording helps you to recording yourself as you go through your presentation, or if you need to paste narration at specific points in time (from other sources). To access this, just click on ‘Slide Show’ and then ‘Record Slide Show.’ You can choose what parts of the slide to record audio for and preview it afterwards.

2 Custom Animations

Animations add life and excitement to your presentations, but often people don’t realize that there are more than just pre-programmed animations available on PowerPoint. If you want additional control over how an animation looks or behaves, then try accessing the custom animation feature. On each slide, click on the ‘Animation’ tab and browse through all different options until you find what best fits your needs.

(a). Role of animation in PowerPoint

Utilizing a PowerPoint template animation can bring life to the information being presented, making it more memorable for the viewers.  These animated PowerPoint themes features are valuable tools for designing presentations with creative theme layouts. To create an interactive presentation, record PowerPoint presentations with audio, that gets synchronized with the content flow. By this way, audience will be able to follow the flow and be glued to their seats till the end.

3. Timing

If you want to set a specific amount of time that a slide will show up before automatically progressing to the next one, use the timing option located within the transition menu. You can specify different timings for each slide allowing extra flexibility with when slides are presented throughout your presentation.

4. Multi-Language Presentation Support

For those international collaborations where multiple languages need to be supported in one presentation, PowerPoint makes it extremely easy by way of its multi-language support feature – no plug-ins required! Simply switch between languages at any point during creation by selecting your language under “Review” and then “Language” on the main navigation bar; text will automatically adjust itself without needing manual input from you each time!

5. Insert Icons/SVG Images

The ‘Insert Icons/SVG Images’ features provides users with many options to select form such as customized design elements (shapes) or SVGs (vector images), which can be used as focal points throughout any PowerPoint slide deck while improving overall aesthetics instantly. Users are also able to customize size color variations within each icon/image selected before inserting onto their slides helping further tailor each visual display.

6. Delaying Slides from Auto Transitioning

Lastly if there is ever an instance were slides need more time allotted for individuals present during slideshow playback auto transitioning too fast creates problems – Though fortunately with Microsoft’s ‘Slide Delay’ timer feature users can control how long they have before transitioning slides meaning they won’t miss out interesting conversations as some questions/points may require more elaboration than others providing plenty breathing room.

7. PowerPoint as a presentation tool

Before slides were a thing, professional presentation in the past was done through paper flip charts and slide projectors. With the advancement in technology, PowerPoint was introduced to society. Despite the fact that PowerPoint today is utilized in a wide range of professions throughout the world, even a presentation design expert who is a master in the art of presentation design is unaware of some of its advanced features.

This extensively utilized presentation tool is now being used to pitch business ideas, connect with the audience, and do many other things. PowerPoint has single-handedly revolutionized the art of efficiently presenting and communicating data. While designing your slides, some common PowerPoint overlooked features tend to skip away from the designers focus that can be avoided by paying more attention to them.

(a). Creative features to enrich PowerPoint Slides

Create a template for PowerPoint can save time and maintain consistency in branding and formatting. The morph PowerPoint is a powerful tool that allows for seamless transitions between slides. Incorporating 3D models for PowerPoint can add depth and visual interest to the content. Professionals come up with design suggestions PowerPoint that aids in visual comprehension. One design suggestion will be to use high-quality images and graphics that are aligned to the key messaging in each slide. Another useful feature is the presenter view PowerPoint, which allows the speaker to view their notes and see the next slide while the audience sees a different view.

(b). Voiceover PowerPoint presentation guide the audience

PPT format for presentation has become the standard format for presentations in the business world. The PowerPoint samples for presentation showcase the various designs and layouts. The format for a PowerPoint presentation typically includes a title slide, followed by content slides with text, images, and multimedia elements. A voiceover PowerPoint presentation guide the audience through the slides and keeps them engaged till the end. Best looking PowerPoint presentations create a sense of integrity and convince the audience to trust the information being presented in the slide deck.

The Voice over PowerPoint function presents a valuable capability that empowers users to seamlessly capture and integrate oral audio segments within their slides. This sophisticated feature facilitates the narration of presentations, meticulous audio editing, and the incorporation of compelling visual aids. To initiate a voice over, simply navigate to the Insert menu, where you will locate the Audio option, followed by the Record Audio selection. Users have the option to commence recording either from the inception of their presentation or from a distinct slide of their choosing.

8. Purpose

Even though it is not a feature of PowerPoint, the purpose of creating a compelling professional PowerPoint presentation has an influence on the final output. Some of the common PowerPoint overlooked features includes charts, animations, tables, special effects, use of think-cell plugin etc.

You should be clear about:

  1. Why you are creating this presentation?
  2. For whom are you creating this presentation?
  3. What is your audience has to gain from the presentation?

Keeping these things in mind will help you craft the perfect professional PowerPoint presentation.  

So, here are some aspects that come under common PowerPoint overlooked features and may significantly improve the efficiency of your PowerPoint presentation, if properly applied consistently.

9. Basic Charts

You may use a number of chart styles in PowerPoint, but the most essential thing is to use the right chart for the data you’re presenting.

Here are some charts that are often used in a professional PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Pie Chart
  3. Line Chart
  4. Combined Diagram
  5. Radar Chart
  6. Scatter Diagram
  7. Area Diagram
PowerPoint Overlooked Features - Analyzing Statistics Chart for Market Trends

PowerPoint Overlooked Features – Analyzing Statistics Chart for Market Trends

Here are PowerPoint presentation tips, link your charts to excel so you can input data in a more efficient way.

PowerPoint also supports various charts that many people are unaware of, such as:

  1. TreeMap Chart
  2. Sun Burst Chart
  3. Histogram Chart
  4. Funnel Chart

I would also recommend animating the charts or animating particular components of the chart so that you may display each feature of the chart one after the other, this will help the audience understand it better.

10. Tables

Tables are one of the best ways to display a huge quantity of data in a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing manner. However, if you are a rookie or don’t have enough expertise in designing Professional PowerPoint presentations, I would avoid using tables. Because as soon as the audience sees a table, they begin to extract information from it and stop paying attention to you, and presenters sometimes make the fonts smaller due to the size of a slide.

11. Special Effects

Special effects can help you present information gently and not overload the audience with facts, which can help you keep the audience’s attention. In your professional PowerPoint presentation, you may animate the text, images, shapes, tables, SmartArt graphics, and other objects. Effects can cause an item to appear, vanish, or move. They have the ability to modify the size or color of an object.

PowerPoint Overlooked Features - Special Effects

PowerPoint Overlooked Features – Special Effects

12. Hidden Slides

Hidden Slides are a fantastic feature provided by Microsoft, you may use the function while providing in-depth information about a subject. If your audience is unclear about the fundamental data offered, you may disclose the hidden slides to provide extra information.

13. SmartArt

A SmartArt graphic is the representation of your data and thoughts in a graphical manner. You can create one of your own by first selecting a layout that suits what you are trying to convey. Some layouts show certain types of information, while others just improve the looks of a bulleted list. When paired with other features such as themes, SmartArt pictures enable you to create designer-quality graphics with only a few mouse clicks.

PowerPoint Overlooked Features - A SmartArt Graphic - 5 Levels Sliced Pyramid

PowerPoint Overlooked Features – A SmartArt Graphic – 5 Levels Sliced Pyramid

14. Co-authoring feature in PowerPoint

The co-authoring feature in PowerPoint allows multiple users to work on a presentation simultaneously. This means that you can collaborate with others in real-time, making it easier to create and edit presentations together. It’s a great tool for team projects or when working with colleagues remotely.

15. PowerPoint Designer feature in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Designer is a feature in PowerPoint that helps you create professional-looking slides with ease. It automatically generates design ideas for your slides based on the content you add, such as images, text, and charts. It offers a variety of design options, layouts, and color schemes to choose from, making it easier for you to create visually appealing presentations.

16. Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint

Presenter Coach is a new feature in PowerPoint that helps users improve their presentation skills. It provides real-time feedback on pacing, pitch, and use of filler words, as well as suggestions for more inclusive language. It is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their public speaking abilities.

17. 3D models feature in PowerPoint

The 3D Models feature in PowerPoint allows users to add three-dimensional objects and animations to their presentations. This feature provides a more interactive and engaging experience for the audience, as it allows them to view and manipulate the 3D objects from different angles. Users can choose from a variety of pre-made 3D models or import their own.

(a). Bring in interactive features of 3D models into your slides deck

Great PowerPoint presentations are structured well to get aligned with the goals and audience mind set. Utilizing PowerPoint 3D models can take your presentations to the next level by adding a visual element that enhances the overall message. Record PPT with audio can further enhance its impact, allowing for dynamic and engaging delivery. Incorporating PPT 3D models into recorded presentations can elevate the quality and professionalism of the overall production.

18. Remove Background feature in PowerPoint 

The Remove Background feature in PowerPoint allows you to easily remove the background from a picture or image. This feature is useful when you want to focus on the main subject of the picture or when you want to create a transparent background for your image. It can be accessed through the Format tab in PowerPoint and provides various options for refining the background removal.

19. Slide Master feature in PowerPoint

The Slide Master feature in PowerPoint allows you to create and customize the layout, design, and formatting of your slides. It is a powerful tool that helps you maintain consistency throughout your presentation and save time by making global changes to all slides at once.

20. Morph transition feature in PowerPoint

The Morph Transition feature in PowerPoint allows you to create smooth, animated transitions between slides. It can be used to create dynamic and engaging presentations by seamlessly morphing objects, text, and images from one slide to another. This feature is especially useful for creating visual storytelling and showcasing transformations or comparisons.


We have seen the top 20 PowerPoint features that are overlooked in the design process. Having understood the importance of those errors, you can easily navigate your slides into a compelling visual journey for the audience without being hampered by the limiting errors.


We shall see now 6 amazing tips that aids in practical applications of design principles and features of PowerPoint.


 Unlocking the Power of Personalization: 6 Amazing Tips to Wow Your Audience

In today’s fast-paced digital world, personalized experiences have become the key to captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression. Gone are the days of generic marketing messages that fail to resonate with customers. So, if you’re ready to captivate your audience and build long-lasting relationships, let’s dive into the world of personalization and discover the secrets to wowing your audience like never before.

1. Make the quick access toolbar the way you want

The quick access toolbar in Microsoft Office is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your productivity by allowing you to access frequently used commands quickly and easily. You can add any command you like, or remove the ones you don’t need. Simply right-click on the command and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” or “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”. With a few simple tweaks, you can make the quick access toolbar work the way you want, saving time and improving your efficiency.

2. Match colors with the Eyedropper Tool

The Eyedropper Tool in graphic design is a valuable feature that allows designers to match colors accurately and quickly. This tool is essential when working with logos, branding, and other visual elements that require precise color matching. To use the Eyedropper Tool, simply click on the color in the image or design you wish to match. The tool will then select and display the precise color code, allowing you to apply it to other elements in your design.

3. Align everything in your presentation with the Grid System in PowerPoint

By using Grid System, you can ensure that all of your text, images, and other elements are perfectly aligned and spaced out, creating a clean and polished look. This not only makes your presentation more aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to convey your message clearly and effectively. So the next time you’re creating a presentation in PowerPoint, take the time to utilize the Grid System and see the difference it can make.

4. Design your own layouts for presentation in PowerPoint

With a professional and creative approach, you can create customized layouts that perfectly align with your brand or message. Start by considering the purpose of your presentation and your target audience. Next, brainstorm relevant visuals, colors, and fonts that represent your message. Use PowerPoint’s built-in design tools or download templates to guide your layout design.

5. Customize your paragraph styles in PowerPoint

Customizing paragraph styles in PowerPoint can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your presentations and ensure consistency throughout your slides. With this feature, you can control the formatting of different levels of text, including font size, color, alignment, spacing, and more. By defining your own paragraph styles, you can save time and effort in formatting text, as well as maintain a professional and polished look for your presentations.

6. Save your presentation as a template (.potx) native folder

As a professional, it is important to prioritize efficiency and consistency in all aspects of work. One way to do this when creating presentations is to save them as a template (.potx) native folder. By doing so, you can easily access and reuse the same design elements, color schemes, and layouts in future presentations, saving valuable time and creating a cohesive visual brand.

(a). Improving business designs with custom branding templates

One can find lots of ideas for PowerPoint design online and choosing the right approach is tricky. It needs years of experience to come up with professional design ideas unique to each client needs. Carefully selecting a suitable background for presentation slides can enhance the overall aesthetic and professionalism of your presentation. Many agencies offer PowerPoint templates for business as a specialized service offering.


Why do businesses need to look for template design professionals?   

PowerPoint slide templates professional – offer a wide range of designs and layouts and try to get approval from clients. A PowerPoint presentation templates professional often specializes in improving the finer nuances of template design. The support from a PowerPoint template professional to deliver an flawless template goes a long way in building multitude of presentations all aligned to company branding.

Why templates are essential for any business brand?

Professional PPT design templates, often referred to as PowerPoint business templates are essential tools that save time and create consistent design layouts. Business PowerPoint templates are designed with well-crafted layouts, graphics, and designs. An expert designer carefully comes up with suitable design layouts while designing a business presentation PowerPoint template, considering the industry and the audience mind set.

One interesting PowerPoint template is the ‘Pitch Deck’ template, which features professional layouts for investor funding. If you are searching for PowerPoint downloadable templates, you can find lots of template design agencies online offering this service. Engage with an expert design team and you can get customized professional PowerPoint design templates offering the best layouts for your specific needs. With the right professional presentation ppt template, you can be sure to bring in consistency across multiple slide decks.


So the bottom line is even though anyone can create a PowerPoint design, it takes years of expertise to craft the professional PowerPoint presentation that will leave an impactful impression on your audience.

To make your life a lot easier I would suggest hiring Visual Sculptors , PowerPoint design experts for your presentation needs as their years of expertise in crafting business, demonstrative and educational presentations have turned them into seasoned Presentation warriors.

  1. What are the features of PowerPoint?

Some of the top features of Microsoft PowerPoint include slide templates, animations and transitions, multimedia integration, collaboration tools, presenter view, and the ability to add notes and comments. Other features include the ability to create charts and graphs, use SmartArt graphics, and customize the design and layout of your slides.

2. How to compare PowerPoint features across different platforms?

PowerPoint offers various features including: 1. Audio features 2. Bi-directional text features 3. Collaboration features 4. Design and layout features 5. Keyboard features 6. Object insertion features 7. Picture features 8. Print features 9. Slide features 10. Slide Show features 11. Text-formatting features 12. Video features

These features vary significantly across the various platforms like 1. PowerPoint for PCs 2. PowerPoint for the web 3. PowerPoint for Mac 4. PowerPoint for Android 5.PowerPoint for iOS 6. PowerPoint Mobile. For each of these platforms, the features that are supported vary from one platform to another platform.

3. What is the new feature of PowerPoint?

PowerPoint 2021 for Windows elevates the art of content creation to new heights through the incorporation of a host of cutting-edge features. These include collaborative authoring capabilities, the Ink Replay functionality, enhanced slide show recording tools as well as access to additional stock media from the exclusive Office Premium Creative Content collection. The new Draw tab additions, such as the Point Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso, will further augment the creative process and enable users to craft presentations with unparalleled precision and finesse.

4. What are 3 benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a user-friendly software application that offers an array of powerful functionalities for delivering effective presentations. With its versatile tools for enhancing visual appeal, facilitating seamless collaboration, enabling seamless access to information, and promoting easy dissemination of important data beyond the confines of the initial meeting, PowerPoint represents a viable and compelling option for professionals seeking to make an impact in their respective fields.

5. What is the use of PowerPoint in education?

The versatile software application, PowerPoint, offers an efficacious tool for educators to meticulously craft their lectures and presentations by distilling complex concepts into essential points and content. Through the utilization of its various features, class lectures can be seamlessly transformed into a streamlined outline format, which can be subsequently enhanced into visually appealing and effective slides. This professional tool is a vital asset to any educator seeking to optimize their pedagogical approach and deliver engaging and informative lectures.

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