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Upgrade your PowerPoint game – 6 PowerPoint hacks

Are you still using the same presentation templates? Stuck on those boring themes? Can’t wait to get rid of those age-old animations? It’s time to change your presentation design ideas and put on your creative genius cap. Learn some powerful presentation tips and transform your PowerPoint game!

6 PowerPoint Hacks you must know

Get set to impress your audience with 6 creative hacks that you need to start using in your presentations.

1. Choose your own colours for PowerPoint themes

While selecting a default Microsoft PowerPoint template, you can change the colours by using the PowerPoint colour picker.
● 10 colours that are displayed at the top are the Theme Colours. Underneath there is a set of theme colours with pre-defined tints and shades.
● Using these automatically generated colours is not the best option. Instead, opt for your own choice of colours and add a personalized touch to your professional presentation.
● Select from over 16 million colours by selecting More Colours. Add 10 colours of your choice to the colour picker’s Recent Colours and you’re all set to design a creative presentation of your own.

2. Convert documents to presentations

When you’ve got your text formatted in a Word document, why waste time on PowerPoint design? Utilize this cheat code to convert an existing Microsoft Word document into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

To create a presentation from an existing document, click on
Home> Slides>Slides from outline
You can also convert it directly from Microsoft Word. In the Word Document you wish to convert, go to:
File> Send To> Click Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint uses your Word document’s heading styles to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation design.
The H1 style in your document becomes the Slide title in your presentation.
If you cannot find the Send to PowerPoint option, you can add it manually.
File>Word Options>Quick Access Toolbar>Send to Microsoft PowerPoint

3. Graphic Alignment

Organizing your graphics and content creates a neat, precise and effective presentation design. It’s quite tough to organize all elements individually, which is where our next hack comes into play. Instead, align all elements of a slide by selecting all the elements that you want to align.

In the menu bar, Click Arrange> Align> Select desired alignment
If you want to align only a few selected elements press Shift and click on the elements you want to align.

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4. Create your own Animation

Isn’t everyone tired of blinds, spin or even fly-in animations? We’ve all had our fair share of fun with the custom animations on PowerPoint, but it’s not suggested anymore. Why? They’re not as creative or unique as they used to be.
Let’s learn how to create a creative animation and bring your presentation to life.
Select the object then go to Add Animations > Motion Paths > Custom Paths
Draw the desired path that you would like the object to take. Once you are done, press Esc.

You can edit the existing path by clicking on the red and green buttons while editing it.

5. Add audios to your presentations

Use music, buzzing, sounds or any audio to create the right mood for your audience. Music, nature sounds, sound tunes or audio snippets, experiment with all kinds of audio in your presentation.
Insert > Audio > Audio Online > Browse for Audio on your PC> Play in the background if you want the audio to play in the background of your presentation OR Play the sound when you click on a particular slide

6. Creating an invisible hyperlink

There’s nothing more perfect than an included hyperlink nobody can see. Easily redirect your audience to your landing page or website by including invisible hyperlinks.
Insert a geometrical shape> Format it to No line and No fill
Select the shape then click Ctrl+K > Enter the link into the address box then click Ok.

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If you have been researching various methods to enhance your presentation skills, these 6 PowerPoint hacks will assist you in refining your presentation proficiency.

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