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Google Slides vs Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation – Review

PowerPoint presentations have been widely used all over the world, having a global acceptance, reach and penetration across the masses, giving an edge over all other applications. The term “Presentation” itself means “Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation only – so much is the reach and acceptability of this application. Microsoft PowerPoint ceaselessly improvises its features to keep it abreast of dynamic changes happening at a global level in the business world, strives to rank top among other applications.

With the entry of “Google Slides”, gaining wider popularity across the globe, the competition is evident; paves way for a prospective comparison among other available apps – much to choose from for the end user. The Keynote presentation works well for Apple devices, gaining access and popularity among the Apple iPhone users (e.g. 41.3 million iPhones were sold worldwide, the third quarter of 2018). The Prezi, another presentation app supports over 85 million users; creating over 325 million Prezis – and counting.

Google Slide gains popularity among presentation designers in line with Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, in terms of features and adaptability. We try to figure out to some extent on the usefulness of PowerPoint and Google Slide under the following headings.

How to make PowerPoint presentation templates

1) The cost factor

The pricing determines the affordability and plays a crucial role in creating a niche market in attracting more targeted customers into the business portfolio. By and large, consumers try to choose an application that fits the budget; good value for money. The highly priced apps also penetrate the market and get recognized by a certain segment of customers, who eye on the multitude of value-additions.

Google Slides is available free with ease of accessing using a Google account, even as a collaborative working accessible across computer/mobile with an internet connection. No need for additional installations or apps etc when used on a computer.

The cost factor of PowerPoint Presentation and Google SlidesMicrosoft PowerPoint Office package is subscription based. To buy it at once, it comes nearly to $200. The free online version PowerPoint Online has limited features in comparison to Office package. For people, who are on the lookout for a presentation app, accessible with just a Google account, Google Slides edges over other applications in many ways and means.

2) The ease of access

Google Slide and Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, both are available online and offline. Microsoft PowerPoint comes with the Office package and needs installation on the computer. Once installed, allows complete access to all features for the design of presentations. After installation, doesn’t require an internet connection except for saving the files on the drive, to access the files across other devices. PowerPoint Online has many features clipped to it.

The ease of access of Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Slides is completely cloud-based, you can access in many ways from a variety of devices simultaneously, making it easy to collaborate. As integrated with Google Drive, where changes are automatically saved, it is easy to update and edit. Google slides offline services are being revamped to offer equally resilient offline access as that of PowerPoint.

Both the apps provide ease of access to end users and stand on the same footing.

3) Availability of Storage and embedding options

Both the apps provide cloud storage.

Slides are linked to Google Drive, where the free storage space is limited. Slides can be accessed easily from anywhere and by any device, as changes to the drive, accessed files are saved immediately. PowerPoint could be integrated into the Microsoft’s cloud storage – One Drive. Changes to the drive, accessed files are saved in One Drive by enabling the auto sync.

Access of PowerPoint Presentation and Google SlidesBoth the apps provide embedding options, including video and other links.

4) Availability of ready to use templates

Both the apps provide ready to use templates that are editable as well.

In Google’s platform, many templates available over the internet can be used as well, while using Google Slide.

The availability of diverse templates, easily editable and customizable, the variety of design elements to choose upon, makes it handy while incorporating design changes in Microsoft PowerPoint that speak for you and your brand. It also has a design board enabled with which we can choose to apply a specific design/layout for certainly defined slides like cover page etc. Further, the diversity of available chart types also makes PowerPoint a high preferred one.

On this count, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation has an edge over the Google Slides.

5) Collaborations and Conversion options

Both the apps provide options to collaborate with others.

PowerPoint is integrated into the Microsoft’s cloud storage – One Drive. Changes to the drive, accessed files are saved in One Drive by enabling the auto sync. It can be shared by a variety of means, including mail and social media. Offline direct collaboration is not possible but with the online version, it can be done.


As Google Slide is integrated into Google Drive and Google account, it is much easier to collaborate. The changes made get saved immediately is perfect for collaborations.

Both the apps allow conversion.

Collaboration of Presentation and Google SlidesYou can convert your PowerPoint or Google Slides into PDFs.

PowerPoint allows conversion into other formats including image, video and HTML files.

Slides can’t be converted directly but by using various online tools you can convert the Slides to the format of your choice.

Both have their own advantages and set of disadvantages, yet offers a comprehensive solution for presentation making. Google Slides is a recent development compared to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Instead of concluding which one is best, we ask the enlightened users to explore both the apps and decide which suits the best for their needs and get going on.

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