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How to deliver an elegant business presentation

Business presentations play a vital role in every step of corporate business development initiatives. Companies use business presentations for varied purposes; to sell an idea or a product, for training purposes, to communicate internally and many more. A successful presentation should convey the message in a simple, effective manner, with a right blend of text and visuals, beautifully presented, visually appealing to the audience. A presentation, not well presented, may distract the audience, causing boredom eventually has less impact; less to assimilate, absorb and remember after attending the session. It is crucial to make presentations lively, to keep the audience actively engaged, all through the sessions. It comes in handy to understand the technical know-how of delivering a professional business presentation.

There are four important factors that determine the effectiveness of a business presentation.

1. Informative
2. Inspiring
3. Visual appeal
4. Connection

A slideshow or a PowerPoint presentation must involve all these four factors to create a top-notch presentation. The audience eagerly looks for new information nicely presented, on each slide that would kindle their interest. A top-notch presentation leaves a lasting impression in the audience mind through creative visuals, crisp information, highlight to the key points overall presented neat and professional. It is essential to capture the attention and inspire the audience with problem and solutions, innovative ideas, technology updates, key takeaways, quotes, resolutions, anecdotes, and lessons. The creative visuals help the audience to remember the context vividly. Colorful slides add value to the presentation and aid the presenter to put across the key points through stunning oration. The color scheme, visuals should flow through the narration; should not be the focus but should add visual value to the key points, being touched upon. They are used as tools to get the point across, visually more appealing. A business presentation that is interactive with the active involvement with the audiences leaves a lasting impact.

Such presentations suitably designed to provide ample scope for active interactions with some fillers like question-and-answer sessions, games, role-playing activities does stimulate and uplift the audience. The use of Ice Breakers and Team building exercises also helps in keeping the audience lively, all through the sessions. A presentation that adheres to the above four basic factors makes it top-notch.

Other Key Points:


Keep the content simple, logical and clear. Do not include every content on the slides; write two to three main points. Adapt the skill to tailor the content according to the audience.


Design your presentation as legible as possible. Adding too much text to the slide makes it messy. The colors used in the presentation should reflect the branding of the company or should match with the theme of the deck. Images should provide clarity and not detract from the content.


Engaging the audience throughout the show is a win. Eye-contact, interactive sessions, body language, the tone and overall energy of the speaker are important to engage and connect with the audience. A presentation is a collaborative effort of content, designing, and the delivery. The quality of business presentations can be improvised with the help of latest technologies and devices that adds more value to your work. So be sure that you take advantage of these techniques and guidelines for your next effective business presentation.

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