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Strategies to design impressive Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck – A stepping stone to business success

Pitching your ideas before investors requires the careful preparation of Pitch Deck. The preparation of Pitch Deck should be aimed at convincing the investors for a investment in your business idea.

Do you have an innovative business idea that you are pitching to Venture Capitalists (VCs)? Well, believing in your abilities and having confidence that your ideas will win through, keeps you focused on the goals. But the ability to convince a room of seasoned professionals that your idea is actionable can be tough.

This is where pitch deck designers will come in handy.

Your pitch deck is crucial for securing finances to support your idea. Ensure its content is impressive enough to attract VCs. A skilled designer can merge your ideas into a compelling experience.

Well, if you are not ready to hire a professional design agency just yet, here are a few tips to strategize your Pitch Deck:

11 Proven Tips for Crafting a Pitch Deck That Will Secure Funding

As a company expands, it’s vital to innovate continually to remain competitive and adjust to market shifts. Attracting investors for funding is crucial for business growth. A successful pitch in an investor meeting needs to be brief, persuasive, and emphasize key business elements. A strong mission statement is essential to define the company’s purpose and values. Presentation decks should feature visuals and data to support the business idea effectively for investors or partners.

Slide design play a key role for any business presentations including pitch deck. To design slides effectively, it is vital to strike a right balance of text and visuals.

  1. Start with a clear and concise problem statement
  2. Define your target market
  3. Highlight your unique value proposition
  4. Showcase your team
  5. Provide a clear business model
  6. Show traction and milestones
  7. Use visuals to enhance your message
  8. Keep it concise
  9. Practice your delivery
  10. Be transparent
  11. End with a clear call to action

A pitch deck is key for business funding and investors. A strong business model is vital. Marketing plan targets audience and builds brand awareness. Vision statement highlights long-term goals. Therefore, it is essential to carefully design for decks to create a professional and impactful impression on potential investors. A slide deck visually conveys important information and key points. A good business idea is the first step, but designing a PowerPoint and building a well-crafted slide deck can bring the idea to life, attracting investors and customers. A pitch deck includes slides with unique value proposition, financial projections, business mission statement, and team members.

Impressive company overview

Pitch Deck designers recommend a solid company overview. This is a good opportunity to provide some detail about your company. Keeping the company overview short, crisp, and simple to understand is the key to creating an impressive intro.

Clear vision and mission

Your mission and vision statement should clearly describe the overall intention of your business and your strategic goals. The mission statement explains the company’s reason for existence and focuses on the present. The vision statement mainly explains the future goals and aspirations of the company.

Customers critical problem

Successful Pitch Decks explain critical problems faced by the target audience along with solutions offered by the company in addressing the same.

Plans to solve the problem

Propose your solution in a way that instantly grabs the investor’s attention. Consider it as the most important slide deck that can make or break the deal. It is a good idea to validate and describe your solution by using stories and pictures.

Unique value proposition
Design Impressive Pitch Deck - Startup Business ideas

Design Impressive Pitch Deck – Startup Business ideas

Unless you are launching a completely new business idea, there is a good chance that similar competitors already exist in your market. Obviously, the investors will be less interested in a business idea that many companies are already capitalizing on. You must be prepared with a solid reason why your solution trumps all.

Based on solid numbers

Your pitch deck should be based on solid numbers and facts and not just textual information. The deck should have a great introduction, outline of problems, solution, market opportunities, case studies, and more to support the business idea.

Potential market opportunity
Design Impressive Pitch Deck - Business Goal Setting

Design Impressive Pitch Deck – Business Goal Setting

VCs like to invest in big market opportunities. Your Pitch Deck design should showcase the potential to address the untapped market opportunities. You should be able to support your statements with solid numbers to make your pitch more credible.

Keep it short and sweet

A Pitch Deck Presentation should not be more than 15-20 slides long and each slide should have short and sweet content. Cluttering up every slide with a lot of information is just going to distract you and your investors. Every slide should have a strong layout with crisp information.

Keep it professional

Your Pitch Deck Presentation should look contemporary and professional. If your current presentation has failed to grasp investors’ interest, it is time to change its layout, graphics, content, and more. If you are not comfortable designing, assign it to a professional design agency!

Creating effective PowerPoint ideas is essential for presenting a compelling and visually appealing pitch to potential investors. Presentation design is the process of creating slides that effectively communicate information and engage the audience. It is crucial to pay attention to both design and presentation techniques in order to make a successful pitch to investors.


If you are already working in some way on your concept, it shows VCs that you already understand your industry and have some real-life experience. Do not forget to include press coverage, testimonials, awards, or accolades in the slides that you have managed to obtain.

Execution Plan

Be realistic with plans and finances in your Pitch Deck. Justify your proposal with strong facts and numbers; VCs may abandon you. A strategic marketing plan outlines the company’s approach to reach its target market and achieve business goals. A professional PowerPoint layout is key in presenting this plan to stakeholders. Business goals set by the company drive growth and success.

Good marketing plan

In the pitch Deck, your marketing plan should convince VCs that you can reach your target audience. Include key marketing channels, traction, go-to-market strategy, project lifetime and customer relationship strategies, etc.

Pricing plan

Keeping in mind your competitors’ landscape, you should set realistic pricing of your product/service. Before investing in your venture, VCs would certainly like to know income generation and the benefit they would be able to obtain from equity. Your PowerPoint Pitch Deck should include all these facts.

Avoid text-heavy slides

It is important to add plenty of graphics and visuals in your pitch deck presentation to engage the VCs. Experienced pitch deck designers will ensure that you do not sacrifice your presentation with too much text or too many bullet points.

Consistent looking presentation

When designing a PowerPoint presentation, make sure that every slide has a consistent look and feel. Use the same layout, font, color, size, and capitalization format across all slides to make it look professional and exciting. Always use a font that is large enough to be read by all audiences. It is essential to have a great design with an easy to digest format.

Inspiration from tested Pitch Decks

When creating a business strategic plan, consider strengths, weaknesses, market trends, and competition. Design slideshow with best principles for compelling designs. Business presentations showcase progress and plans. PowerPoint slides should complement the strategic plan. Inspiration from popular Pitch Decks helps understand the essence of a Pitch Deck Presentation. Review them before finalizing your own with potential Designers.

Key Takeaways from real-life, tested Startup Pitch Decks
  • Promising intro in a few words – Captivating audience and VCs
  • The solid business model supported by an expert management team
  • The extensive analogy to showcase the promising business expansion
  • Provides clear value proposition to customers and investors
  • The problem, solution, and competitive advantage
  • Knowledge of Traction and go-to-market strategy
  • Proven track record – Expansion, estimated revenue, cost of paid acquisition, etc.
  • Based on solid numbers – User engagement, traffic, and growth metrics
  • Product working mechanism and application strategy
  • User traffic, promising client base, clear market capitalization
  • Growth potential, the momentum gained in the early stages of development
  • Explain serious business subject with a fun tone – that sticks to mind
  • Problem, solution, business model, and traction
  • Telling a great story with realistic examples – Elevate from pitfall
  • Composed with a clear understanding of the product
  • Transformation of the industry – Working model, service offerings
  • Standalone solution – All in one go
  • Growth strategy – A working partnership with large brands
  • Investment goal, exit strategy, and fund utilization
  • Social proof – Customer success replicated
  • Supports to grow a business
  • Well-designed with an easy-to-understand flow
  • Great design and easy to comprehend
Essential elements – Strategize Pitch Deck

First thoroughly research and validate the business idea how to start, followed by designs for PPT slides to build an effective presentation deck. A neatly structured business pitch is sure to get the audience attention and be remembered for a long time.

  • Start with a strong intro/vision
  • Show problems and offer solutions
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Showcase product/services clearly
  • Digest your business model
  • Highlight financials
  • Add social proof/case studies
  • Differentiate from competition
  • The show experienced management team
12 slides of a Pitch Deck
Design Impressive Pitch Deck - Attracting Investor Attention

Design Impressive Pitch Deck – Attracting Investor Attention

  1. Introduction
  2. Team
  3. Problem
  4. Advantages
  5. Solution
  6. Product
  7. Traction
  8. Market
  9. Competition
  10. Business Model
  11. Investing
  12. Contact

Plenty of people have great ideas but lack the skills to present them. A well-created PowerPoint Pitch Deck Presentation with a short and clear value proposition can help you gain the much-required capital from the VCs. Make sure to nail it with the above-mentioned tips before turning to investors.

Need a team of proven Pitch Deck designers?

We would love to help! Our creative design agency can breathe fresh life into your next presentation, so you can focus on what you love.

  1. How do you make an impressive pitch deck?

Some tips for creating an impressive pitch deck include keeping it concise, using visuals to enhance your message, telling a compelling story, and focusing on the problem your product or service solves. It’s also important to know your audience and tailor your pitch deck to their interests and needs.

2. What is pitch deck strategy?

Pitch deck strategy refers to the process of creating a presentation that effectively communicates your business idea, goals, and potential to investors or stakeholders. It involves crafting a compelling story, using data and visuals to support your claims, and anticipating and addressing potential objections or questions. A well-executed pitch deck strategy can help you secure funding, partnerships, and other resources to grow your business.

3. What is KPI in a pitch deck?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, which is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. Including KPIs in a pitch deck can help investors understand the company’s performance and potential for growth.

4. How do you design a pitch deck that will impress investors?

Some tips for designing a pitch deck that will impress investors include keeping it concise and focused, using visuals to enhance your message, telling a compelling story, highlighting your team’s strengths and experience, and including data and metrics to back up your claims. It’s also important to practice your presentation and be confident in your delivery.

5. What are the 5 performance indicators?

The 5 performance indicators that every business should track are: revenue growth rate, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, gross profit margin, and net promoter score. These metrics can help businesses measure their success and identify areas for improvement.

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