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Humour in your Professional Presentations

If there’s one thing you can do to absolutely entrance and effectively communicate with your audience, it is humor. If you’re looking all over the internet for the one thing your business presentation needs, it is humor. A powerful tool to break the ice, humour can help your audience relate better to your ideas and arguments.

Humour in Professional Business Presentations

Turning a business presentation into a funny presentation seems unlikely. There are statistics and information that you must focus on delivering, but there is no harm in adding a dash of humor to your otherwise sleep-inducing presentation. Perfectly timing humour in your PowerPoint slide design or in your monologue can help your audience relax and easily relate to your presentation.

Relatable Humour

The easiest way to break the ice at professional meetings is to use relatable humour in your presentations. Bring up a common occurrence at your workplace or make a reference to a popular event everybody knows about. Relate to incidents everybody knows about and your audience will easily warm up to your presence. Once they’ve caught on to your words, it’s so much easier for you to convey your argument and ensure your audience remembers it for a long while.

Timing is Key

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ponder about what you would like better- a monotonous business presentation or a funny and relatable one? If it is humor you’re opting for, remember your audience would love to see a refreshing presentation that they find entertaining. Now, if you don’t want your presentation to just be a source of entertainment you must know how to time your humor. Humour in your speech and humor in presentations will both be widely appreciated, but you must never go overboard. Joke after joke will just turn your entire presentation into a joke. Timing is always key. If you know how to place your humor, you can easily nail your presentation. If you ever run out of ideas, a presentation design expert can always help you out.

Funny Story

Humans easily relate to or find comfort in stories. Conveying stories makes a presentation interesting, but if a story is funny your presentation becomes likable and relatable. Use this story to relate to your presentation and it helps your audience remember your points through the story.

Tackle Difficult Concepts

Drawing comparisons between two concepts with a tinge of humour can make an impactful difference to your presentation. If a concept is difficult for your audience to grasp, you can use funny references that will help your audience understand it better.


What better humour to incorporate in your presentation than memes? In today’s times, using memes in a presentation will ensure your audience loves your presentation and the entire experience. Memes are funny, relatable, relaxing, and witty. The most fun way to captivate your audience’s attention, it is the easiest and funniest way to convey your points.


From boundless business presentation ideas, humour is the most pleasing and witty approach. From relatable quotes to funny images, there’s so much you can do to stir laughter in a presentation room. Your audience will always appreciate your effort in making them laugh. They will welcome your attempt at lightening the mood and finding an alternative for the otherwise dull presentation experience while remembering all that you speak. Your presentation stays with your audience for longer, your argument is portrayed in a good light and your approach seems accurate.


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