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5 Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid for Quality Improvement

Designing a perfect presentation by avoiding common presentation design mistakes

Creating an effective professional PowerPoint presentation is an art. As one can never be a master of all trades, you can always take the help of presentation design services to come up with the best professional ppt possible. Let’s look up what are the most common presentation design mistakes people make while preparing a PowerPoint presentation and how you can avoid those presentation design mistakes. 

Consider a scenario where you are the team lead and you need to explain your team members regarding the new project that your company has just acquired. Although there are many presentation design services expert in market but you decide to work on it yourself. You work hard on acquiring all the details and think of coming up with a PowerPoint presentation for effective communication with your team members.

Using PowerPoint for presentations

PowerPoint design or PowerPoint slide design is an essential aspect of creating effective presentations. A neatly presented slide design not only captures the audience’s attention but also helps them retain important information. Presentation design goes beyond just creating visually appealing slides; it also involves organizing content in a logical and engaging manner.

A well-crafted ppt slide design can make a significant impact on the overall success of a presentation. For improving PowerPoint presentation slides design, PPT designers need to keep updated with the latest presentation design trends. Bringing a modern ppt presentation slide design and utilizing professional PowerPoint background designs can elevate the professionalism and credibility of the presenter.

Importance of design while delivering a business presentation

The slides for a presentation should serve a specific purpose with a call to action. A well-crafted business presentation can effectively convey important information and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The background for the presentation and choosing the design theme should go well with your branding. The use of images for presentations should be relevant and of high-quality.

Design and presentation delivery should go hand-in-hand for conveying the key messaging effectively to the audience. Utilizing PowerPoint samples for presentation can provide a helpful guide and inspiration for creating a successful business presentation.

Focus your designs – Expert designers too overlook some common presentation design mistakes

There are various PowerPoint examples available, showcasing slides on ppt capabilities, such as animations, transitions, and charts. While designing a presentation, choosing the right presentation slide backgrounds can further elevate the overall aesthetic and professionalism of the presentation.

On the day of presentation you are excited and begin to explain your team members about the project with the help of the ppt you prepared. But it was not going according to what you imagined, you find your team members not paying attention to what you were speaking. Some of them looked too confused regarding the information you were providing. What could be the reason behind this?

The answer to this is the mistakes you committed while designing your business PowerPoint design. Even the top business professionals of leading companies who are expert in their field can make these presentation design mistakes while designing an effective PowerPoint presentation.

5 presentation design mistakes that gives a boring look

PowerPoint presentation slides or PPT slides is integral components of a PowerPoint presentation. To effectively design slides, one has to avoid the common mistakes that goes unnoticed while designing presentation slides. PowerPoint design slides built on a customized branding template conveys the brand identity consistently. Each PowerPoint slide built using the template will be consistent giving a cohesive look.

We enlisted the most commonly occurring 5 presentation design mistakes that make your designs as dull and boring to the audience

Let us see a brief of 5 presentation design mistakes that go unnoticed during the presentation design process.

  1. Too much text on the slides
  2. Too many or too few images
  3. Poor clipart
  4. Bad choice of font or color
  5. No Video
1. Too much text on the slides

One of the presentation design mistakes commonly found commonly in the slide deck is too much text on the slides. Generally people tend to write all the detail information they want to deliver to their audiences on slides itself. The presenter even gives the irrelevant information leaving no space for images, visual or clip arts. When the audience find more text on slides, they pay more attention to reading it rather than concentrating on what the presenter is trying to convey.

The scenario becomes worse when there are too many sentences around the divided bullet points. In contrary to this, a professional presentation design services would make apt use of bullet points which are most important, and which is able to reinforce the points the presenter is trying to make. These professional presentation design services help to enhance the features of slides and make it more interesting for the audience.

To come up with a PowerPoint how to make it more appealing may involve years of practice and fine-tuning. Animated PowerPoint is a powerful tool that brings life to otherwise static contents. The design in PowerPoint offers unique features to customize presentations in terms of colors, fonts and design layouts. A professional PowerPoint layout ensures that the presentation is organized, visually appealing, and easy to follow.

With wide range of PPT ideas available online, care should be taken to look for best PowerPoint ideas that goes well with your presentation messaging. One can make use of the PowerPoint’s features like animations, transitions and multimedia to come up with a best PowerPoint layout and impressive designs. Keeping the design slideshow simple and consistent is key, as it allows for better retention of content ideas. Practicing the presentation PowerPoint tips and expert design techniques often give polished look to the slide design.

Presentation Design Mistakes - Text Heavy Slides

Presentation Design Mistakes – Text Heavy Slides

2. Too many or too few images

Using too many or too few images is one of the presentation design mistakes affecting the visual content strategy. Who don’t like to flaunt images? We all do but when it comes to a business PowerPoint presentation, we need to put a hold on the use of too many images. As use of too many images on the slides would distract the audience from the main topic.

The quality of image should also be taken care of. Sometimes the images that look good on your desktop may not look the same on the big screens and walls. You need to check this before finally presenting it to your audience. A professional presentation design services expert will suggest the use of one or two images per slide only.

But most the importantly the image used should be relevant to the topic of the business presentation. Use of no image on the slides is equally bad as to use of more images; so a perfect balance should be maintained. The use of images should be done judiciously, carefully choosing apt images that compliment the key messaging in each slide.

Professional designers often use royalty free images from subscription based websites like Pixabay, Freepik, Shutterstock and use them professionally.

Presentation Design Mistakes - Distracting Images

Presentation Design Mistakes – Distracting Images

3. Poor clipart

The use of clipart can depict either of two things, cute or just stick to the slide with minimal value, but it is of a lesser problem. The biggest and the real problem is that the presenter tend to use a random clipart, just simply to make their presentation a little more visual.

Use of random clipart, not getting aligned with the key messaging is one of the presentation design mistakes often overlooked by expert designers too. The clipart should be carefully incorporated that compliments the visual meaning of the story.

Some websites for clipart – Vecteezy, Vexels,

Presentation Design Mistakes - Random Clipart

Presentation Design Mistakes – Random Clipart

When it comes to a professional design services expert, they make sure there is an optimum use of clipart and infographics that explains and reinforce the point being put across by the presenter more clearly. No doubt visual information is effective, but it should also be relevant, which is the main cause of concern for the audience.

4. Bad choice of font or color

The idea around giving a presentation is to make sure that your message or information is delivered or communicated appropriately to your audience in a clear and precise manner. The font used in the slide should not be too small or too large. If it is too small, audience would not be able to read it properly and if it is too big it would cover the whole slide.

The color of the text should also be chosen in such a way that is visible from far also. The text color should contrast to the background or else it would mingle with it. A presentation design services expert would suggest sticking to Sans-Serif type dark font with neutral/light-colored backgrounds. Also, it is better to avoid neon and yellows on the slides.

Bad choice of fonts, colors is one of the often unnoticed presentation design mistakes, and experts often pay due attention to get aligned with the branding colors and fonts.

Presentation Design Mistakes - Inconsistent fonts and colors

Presentation Design Mistakes – Inconsistent fonts and colors

5. No Video

One of the missed out presentation design mistakes is keeping only text, visuals and no videos in the slide deck. It is always better to show visually than to narrate by words and what can be a better choice than to have a video. Inculcating a video in the presentation would be great but is the least explored technique. It might seem complicated but in actual it is not, moreover it has many benefits enlisted.

Having a video helps the presenter in directly showing the complex product works rather than explaining it. Presentation design services provide you with great animated PowerPoint so that it keeps your audience attracted to all through the slides. Introducing videos into your slides also helps the presenter to take a break, in which he can glance through his notes and revise.


So, now that you are aware of the five biggest presentation design mistakes, you can easily avoid those things. You can implement all these while preparing a professional PowerPoint presentation so that it leaves your audience spellbound. You can always do it yourself but if you want to give a professional touch to your presentation slides, you can always take the help of presentation design services.

As they are expert in their field, they deliver the best result. Because all a Company wants is to effectively communicate the required information to its prospective audience or clients. These presentation design services help a heck of time of the business professional which can be effectively utilized on other important aspects.

  1. What are 5 common errors that should be avoided when creating PowerPoints?
  • Using too much text on a slide can be overwhelming and confusing for the audience
  • Selecting inappropriate fonts, colors, and backgrounds can make the presentation difficult to read and distract from the content
  • Failing to practice the presentation beforehand can lead to stumbles and errors during the actual presentation
  • Using too many animations and transitions can be distracting and take away from the overall message
  • Neglecting to include proper citations and references can lead to accusations of plagiarism and undermine the credibility of the presentation

2. What are the 5 points to consider in designing a PowerPoint presentation?

  • The presentation should have a clear and concise message that is easy to understand
  • The design of the presentation should be visually appealing and consistent throughout
  • The use of multimedia such as images and videos can enhance the presentation and keep the audience engaged
  • The presentation should be well-structured and organized
  • The speaker should be well-prepared and rehearsed, ensuring that they deliver the presentation with confidence and clarity

3. What is the 4 by 4 rule in PowerPoint presentation?

In order to effectively convey your message, it is recommended to adhere to the 4×4 guideline. When utilizing bullet points, it is crucial to exercise moderation by limiting each line to a singular thought, with no more than four words per line. Additionally, it is advised to limit the number of bullets to four per slide.

4. What is the thumb rule of making PPT?

In the realm of presentations, a prudent guideline to follow is to aim for one slide per minute of speaking time. Consequently, in preparation for your pre-defense, it is advisable to cap your overall slide count at fifteen or less. In the event that your research yields a greater volume of data, it is recommended that you refrain from presenting every detail.

5. What are basic rules of a PPT?

7 basic rules of delivering a successful presentation are:

  1. Keep the slides simple and uncluttered
  2. Use a consistent format, keep the text concise
  3. Use high-quality images
  4. Use fonts that are easy to read
  5. Avoid complicated animations or transitions that can distract the audience
  6. Practice your presentation beforehand to ensure that you stay within the allotted time frame
  7. Engage with your audience by maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly, and using a confident tone

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