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Word Formatting Services- Clean Formatted Word documents

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Word Formatting Services- Clean Formatted Word documents

Formatting a Word Deck is imperative in creating the most organized and visually engaging presentation possible. It involves establishing a uniform look and feel across all slides, setting a clear structure, aligning all components consistently, and adjusting font, colour scheme, and size. Proper Word Deck formatting is essential for creating an organized, professional document that looks polished and cohesive. Thus Word Deck formatting is an integral part of any presentation process.


Word Formatting Services - Visual Sculptors

Visual Sculptors team of Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers meticulously work on document design and formatting, customization, and template creation in MS Word. As a top-rated Professional Presentation Agency in India, we design professional documents of all types, including newsletters, business reports, ebooks, forms, manuals, training guides, financial reports, technical documents, research reports, publications, company booklets, catalogues, legal documents, statistical tables, and more. Through the use of templates and advanced formatting, we create documents that are both visually appealing and highly functional. We implement custom formatting, margins, grids, footers, creating graphics, inserting images and designing complex layouts to enhance the professional appearance of MS Word documents.

Stop wasting time trying to format your MS Word documents! We provide fast and reliable design services that make any document stand out. Let us take your designs to the next level!


Types of reports that can be designed in MS Word

1. Standard Document

A standard document is a blank page with default margins and font settings that you can use to compose individual documents like letters, memos, reports, or essays. You can also save these documents as templates for future use.

2. Report Template

A report template can create a more sophisticated report than just a plain text document. The pre-formatted content can include tables, graphs, images, and other visual data representations, depending on the report you want to make.

3. Newsletter Template

Creating newsletters in Microsoft Word allows you to create multicolumn layouts and then switch up the columns with different elements, including text boxes and images, to convey your message effectively in multiple sections or pagination. You can give your newsletter some extra style with background colours or creative fonts if desired too!

4. Resume Template

Look no further than Microsoft Word for an attractive and professional-looking Word Deck. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can access a range of layout designs that require no extensive graphic design skills to customize.

5. Invoice Template

Using an invoice template rather than manually creating invoices via tables or formulas can simplify the process. Microsoft Word offers a variety of invoice templates with different styles and levels of complexity, which can be customised to meet any invoice requirements.

6. Business Report

Word decks are document formatting used to display data and analysis. They are typically formatted with charts, graphs, tables, and other visuals to help make the concepts presented clearer and more accessible. Word decks offer an effective way to present information in a concise way, making them excellent tools for business reports.

7. Executive Summary

Business reports must often be formatted carefully to communicate an issue or situation effectively. Word decks are created for this purpose, combining text, charts, graphs, tables, and other visual aids within the same document.

8. Annual Reports

The purpose of an annual report is to give stakeholders an overview summarizing financial performance and operational highlights, as well as providing insight into plans for development by management and significant shareholders.

9. Proposals

When presenting an idea or plan in the form of a proposal, MS Word is the most commonly used tool to format documents. Word’s features allow users to include visual appeal while keeping their message clear and organized. Proper formatting with Word Deck is essential when submitting proposals to organizations, start-ups and small businesses.

10. Newsletters

Designing a newsletter with Microsoft Word is accessible through the ready-made formatting templates available. Such templates help add style and professionalism to corporate newsletters, including updates on new products, personnel changes, promotions, projects, charity events, company awards and other achievements.


Two types of Formatting

Microsoft Word has two formatting types: character formatting and paragraph formatting. Character formatting changes to individual characters within a document, such as a font size, style, and colour. Paragraph formatting applies to the overall look of paragraphs in a document, such as an alignment, line spacing, and indents.


Parts of Formatting

Word Deck formatting refers to the various aesthetic and structural characteristics that can be adjusted on a document, including font type and size, colour, alignment, spacing, margins and other visual elements. These settings allow for a more personalized look and feel of the written content.


Our Word Deck Formatting Service include

1. Document Formatting

The documents are formatted for all the Microsoft Word files, and changes are made in the layout artistically to make the data visually appealing.

2. Layouts and Style

Changing styles and layouts in Word format makes the document visually exciting and follows a systematic pattern to present the information.

3. Customized Formatting

We have a variety of formatting styles and themes for your online documents and can make their appearance as per the desired formats.

4. Content Formatting

As and when needed, we can change the raw data of your word document to make the data updated as per the marketing changes.

5. Template Designs

There are template designs for your documents to make them more unique and provide comprehensive formatting of the documents.


24-hour turnaround

Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours. In case of a higher volume of work or tighter deadlines, our customers usually give us a heads-up. We will try our best to accommodate and meet your deadline by working overtime if needed.


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