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White Paper and Business Reports – Professionally Crafted Designs

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White Paper and Business Reports – Professionally Crafted Designs

A white paper or business report is a document that provides detailed information on a particular topic. Prepared by an organization, it typically contains research and analysis, as well as recommendations, to give readers and decision-makers the knowledge they need to understand the issue at hand and make informed decisions. White papers and business reports are used by businesses to stay competitive in the market and demonstrate their expertise. Written in clear and concise language, these documents are essential for businesses to explain complex topics to their audience.


White Paper / Business Reports Design Services - Visual Sculptors

Are you looking for a professional way to present your company's data, policies, and business ideas? A White Paper and Business Report are essential to ensure your company’s success. We offer a formal makeover of these documents to help you create professional and polished documents.

We assist with overall formatting, design theme compliance, modern styling, professional output and more! Your reports will include appropriate charts and tables as well as being drafted in such a way that ensures your long read is presented in a smooth manner.

As a top-rated Professional Presentation Agency in India, we ensure high-quality images, easy-to-understand text, and a unified design that reflects your branding image in a high tone. Our experts have years of experience creating professional-looking documents with unique features to meet your needs.


Key Slides to include in a White Paper Report

1. Executive Summary

This is a high-level summary of the white paper and will serve as an introduction to your report. Provide a description of your company’s goals and objectives and an overview of the data or research conducted in support of those goals.

2. Problem Statement

Clearly define the problem that needs to be solved or addressed within the context of an overall business or industry goal, then describe how the research is expected to address it.

3. Key Methodologies and Assumptions

Introduce any assumptions made during analysis and details on methodologies used for data collection and insights, including sources drawn from information gathered during interviews and surveys where applicable.

4. Research Design

Explain how the data was collected and the statistical methods used for analysis. Give details about the questions asked in surveys, interviews and focus groups, who responded to them and any other details relevant to the methodology.

5. Results & Analysis

Slides should clearly show the data from your research design in an easily understood and visually appealing format, such as charts or tables. Any correlations or cause-and-effect relationships between variables should be explained for further understanding.

6. Recommendations and Next Steps

Including critical slides that outline strategies for addressing the problems found during the analysis process is essential. Additionally, a call-to-action should be included that encourages readers to utilize the recommendations presented in the paper when making their own decisions.

7. Conclusion

When constructing a white paper report, include key slides that showcase overarching themes and values derived from research methods used to meet the goals and objectives discussed in the initial section. It is essential to reiterate significant findings before concluding and delivering the presentation to the intended audience.

8. Appendix/References

A white paper report should have key slides that include all pertinent sources, such as citations and quotations used within the text body. Additionally, appendices like questionnaire results used for survey responses should also be attached.


Six different types of White Paper

1. The thought leadership white paper
2. The educational white paper
3. The market research white paper
4. The problem-solving white paper
5. The technical white paper
6. The visionary white paper


Key slides to include in a Business Report

1. Introduction

This slide should provide a brief overview of the purpose of the report.

2. Executive Summary

This slide should summarize the main points of the report.

3. Industry Overview

Provides insight into the current state of the market, market shifts, significant players in the industry, and an outlook on future market developments.

4. Problem Statement

This slide should identify the problem or opportunity that is being addressed.

5. Objectives

This slide should outline the objectives of the report.

6. Market Analysis

This slide should provide a review of relevant data and analysis.

7. Target Market Segmentation

This slide should address geographic regions and measurable demographics representing ideal customer profiles.

8. SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with your business or idea

9. Findings

This slide should present the findings of the analysis.

10. Recommendations

This slide should provide recommendations for addressing the problem or opportunity.

11. Implementation

This slide should outline how the recommendations can be implemented.

12. Conclusion

This slide should summarize the report's overall views and critical findings.


Five Business reports for every business

1. Annual Report
2. Sales and Revenue Report
3. Inventory Report
4. Marketing Report
5. Website Traffic Report/Social Media Report


Type of files the client can share with us for giving inputs

PowerPoint, Word, Hand drawn sketches, Google Slides, Google Docs, Image files of varied formats


File Transfer Process

The primary mode for the transfer of files is through email. Other modes of transfer for files are done through Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Wetransfer. On request, we also create a dedicated SharePoint site in Office 365 for our customers, or they share credentials to their preferred site.

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