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High level design PowerPoint presentation slides that converts

Tips and Tricks – High level design PowerPoint presentation

In a changing business world, a designer needs to stay up to date with professional presentation trends. The process of creating a high level design PowerPoint Presentation involves matching modern design trends and giving a professional touch. A high level design PowerPoint Presentation can transform a raw boring content into a branded professional slide deck that looks awesome and memorable.

Crafting an impressive PowerPoint presentation requires a strategic approach

To ensure your message is received with clarity and impact, consider implementing these 8 PowerPoint hacks

  1. Firstly, begin by outlining your content before diving into the design process.
  2. Next, create a title slide that captivates your audience’s attention.
  3. Maintaining a simple design aesthetic will allow your message to shine through.
  4. It’s essential to emphasize one key point per slide and avoid overwhelming your audience with text.
  5. Utilizing impactful visuals will help to bring your message to life.
  6. Practice your verbal delivery to ensure your presentation is delivered with confidence and clarity.
  7. Consider seeking feedback from a trusted colleague to fine-tune your message.
  8. Finally, end with a compelling call to action, leaving your audience feeling motivated and informed.

With these tips, you can harness the power of PowerPoint to deliver a memorable presentation that resonates with your audience.

Investing in professional presentation design services – Visual Sculptors

A consultant might prefer a simple, polished look for the presentation. A marketing head presenting a strategy to clients might want a design repackaging for a presentation with icons, imagery, and animation. Requirements vary a lot.

Every day our team processes hundreds of slides. We have discovered that corporate executives and management consultants need their slides cleaned up and formatted urgently. A professional crisp look aligned with their company brand is what they are looking for. A finished presentation delivered overnight is what every professional loves about Visual Sculptors!

It is essential to know the answers to the 5Ws namely Who, What, When, Where, and Why before a designer starts with How to design a slide deck. Every presentation deck is unique and needs that polished look. The audience, the content, and the latest design trends are but a few of the deciding factors.

The right level of design for the right slide brings in the much-needed WOW factor. In other words, the key is to understand the requirements of the scenario and to come up with a high level design PowerPoint Presentation that best convey message as a inspiring visual story.

As presentation designers, defining the levels of presentation design helps us understand our customer’s requirements and design preferences. Based on the requirements, suitable design approach is followed in creating a high level design PowerPoint Presentation with better aesthetics.

Begin the process

For anyone planning on repackaging a PowerPoint presentation, the first step is to decide what design level best fits the requirements. Ensuring that all specific needs for each slide are addressed, as well as attending to personal or customer preferences, is key when it comes to creating effective presentations.

An important aspect to focus on is taking a creative approach in the design phase, in order to make sure that PowerPoint stands out from your competition.

Level 1 design
High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation

High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 1

In High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 1, our expert designers focus on adhering to the style guide, re-do basic design elements, place existing icons. Each slide will go through Basic Formatting Quality Check.

  1. Encompasses all basic formatting and design repackaging.
  2. Formatting slides adhering to the style guide or company template.
  3. Icons, imagery, and single-step transitions are included at a basic level
  4. Understanding the main content and sticking to formatting basics.
Design repackaging
  1. Slides – Clean-up and consistent look
  2. Redo the design layout on a few slides
  3. Imagery and/or icons to specific slides
  4. Sticking to the rules of a company template or style guide.
Basic Formatting

Every presentation receives our most popular service. We call it ‘Basic Formatting’. It is a standard of formatting that every professional management consultant needs. It is the cleanup applied as the foundation for every presentation.

You have the design and format set. You even have a few sample slides. You only need the rest of the deck to be formatted consistent with the template. You have a photo of a whiteboard or a page of a book or you have written your slides by hand on paper and you now need to convert them to PPT slides.

  1. Alignment check
  2. Consistency check
  3. Spacing check
  4. Adherence to company template
  5. Reducing file size if needed
Scenarios Decks

Consultants do research and discuss their clients’ problems and market trends. They come up with solutions and present them as scenarios decks. It covers scenarios of each industry /problem area, current state, and proposed solutions. The slide decks are improved with images, icons, and simple animation.

Routine Deliverables

Routine deliverables contain day-to-day tasks or activities. They could also comprise products for your customers or reports for your employees. So, these are decks that are regularly updated as and when project status changes.

Such instances call for a change in layout or repackaging of these slides. They will need to fit in with the rest of the deck while still making way for the design repackage.

Level 2 design
High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation - Level 2

High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2

Let Visual Sculptors Team transform your presentation. In High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, our experts brings in an overall design makeover to your deck. We know how to design within your brand to create an impactful visual identity.

We make design magic happen in the context of your style guide by re-doing design elements, build transitions, and edit icons and graphics. You can opt for this High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, that transforms your content as visually enhanced, and as consistent branding that keep high of your brand image and company values, being reflected in the visual designs.

Executive summary decks

The executive summary deck of a business proposal highlights every aspect of a project. It creates the best impression in the customer’s minds. So, it must be very clear and compelling. These decks require overall design makeover to turn into stunning slides.

Visual Makeover
  1. Want to add additional design ideas to your existing slides
  2. You want your slides to have the look and feel of an infographic.
  3. You have a deck that tells a story using multiple steps of animations and/or transitions.
Field Decks

Most business organizations and marketing consultants use field decks to guide their clients when launching any new campaigns or products. Such decks contain information about products and related business data.

If the field decks will be used as a client-facing deck in the future, it is preferred to go for High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 2, giving a visual makeover to improve visibility and reach. The design treatment you choose to give to a deck depends on the content and audience.

Level 3 design
High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation - Level 3

High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 3

Aesthetic design improvement

We love to take up your creative assignment. We will discuss your content and creative ideas to come up with aesthetic designs that speak for itself. We research, brainstorm, ideate, storyboard.

This process of High Level Design PowerPoint Presentation – Level 3 allows us to co-create through an iterative process with our customers all through the creative design process.

Creative design requirements
  1. You have an idea or a story, but you are unsure how you can visualize that idea so that you can present it to the team or to your clients.
  2. You have a concept, and you need to convert it into visual storytelling.
  3. You have some facts that need to be translated into an infographic.
  4. You do not have a Corporate PowerPoint template and you need a well-formed brand guide for your company to use for all business presentations.
  1. Eye-catching images that blend and convey the message
  2. Images that stick to the brain – Lasting impression
  3. Animation – Narrating a visual storyline
  4. Presenting the information and stories visually

Some of the best logo design software programs includes: Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, Canva, Affinity Designer and much more.


Level 1 decks may not always be a fit for presenting to your boss or customers for the final nod. For such instances, we suggest you choose Level 2 or 3 presentations design.

Preference for styles and designs may vary from customer to customer. We leave it to our customers to choose the levels of presentation design needed after giving them the options. We customize your slide decks in creating high level design PowerPoint Presentation with improved aesthetics and professional appeal.

Do you have to share with us on types of decks? We would love to hear from you.

Creating, designing, and delivering the best presentations, we have got your presentation needs covered. Reach out to us and we would love to help you create presentations that you will remember forever!

  1. What is design presentation in PowerPoint?

A design presentation in PowerPoint is a visual representation of a design concept or idea. It typically includes images, text, and other design elements to showcase the design in a clear and compelling way. PowerPoint is a popular tool for creating design presentations because it allows for easy customization and presentation of visual content.

2. What is PowerPoint presentation how many types of slides can be generated?

PowerPoint is a presentation software that allows users to create and display slideshows. There are three main types of slides that can be generated: text slides, which contain written information; conceptual slides, which use images and graphics to convey ideas; and quantitative charts, which display data in a visual format. These slide types can be used individually or combined to create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

3. What are the types of presentation?

There are several types of presentations, including informative, persuasive, instructional, and entertaining presentations. Informative presentations provide information on a topic, persuasive presentations aim to convince the audience to take a certain action, instructional presentations teach a skill or process, and entertaining presentations are meant to engage and entertain the audience.

4. What are the types of slide transition?

Slide transitions can add a professional touch to your presentations. There are three main categories of transitions: Subtle, Exciting, and Dynamic. Depending on the tone and content of your presentation, you can choose the effect that best suits your needs. Simply click on the transition you want to use and preview how it will look on your slide.

5. What 3 types of animation are in slides?

PowerPoint slides can be brought to life with the use of various animation effects. There are three main types of animation effects that can be applied to objects on a slide: entrance, emphasis, and exit. Additionally, motion paths can be used to create more complex animations that move objects along a specific path on the slide. By using these animation effects, presenters can add visual interest and engagement to their presentations.

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